November 8th, 2006


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For a sculpture project, my professor recommended I find some kind of liquid plastic that I could probably get at home depot, something usually used for handles - dip the handle in, let it cure, and you get a waxy-looking coating on it that's smooth like plastic. He thinks it might be called liquid handle or plastic handle or something...

I have no idea what this stuff is, but if I can get my hands on some, I also have plans for it for an upcoming fursuit, so this isn't completely off-topic I hope.

Anybody know what he might be referring to? I don't even know where to begin a google search for this stuff...
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Another question!

I've seen some nice, realistic lips on heads recently. I'd like to incorporate some lips into my striped hyena head so that it's not such a sudden change between fur and gums. It just doesn't look right to me. So what do you guys use to make your lips?

Wal Mart Luxery Bunny Fur

Someone mentioned getting some Luxery Bunny Fur from WalMart before and I bought a yard of it, but I've gone back to get more and they were out. I asked if they could order some and they told me they won't be getting anymore because it's seasonal.
Does anyone know a place that sells white fur thats as thick, long, and smooth as that is for about the same price? I'd like to get some more, but all the fur I find around here is either course in feel or is short or thin. Any suggestions?

About finding fur - please post at FursuitLounge

OK here we go again with five different posts in the couple days for people looking for fur.

Please post that type of post on FursuitLounge, Furxchange, FursuitTrades, or if you have it for sale, on FursuitAuction.

It helps keep LJ Fursuit clean and on topic on how to build stuff.

Thanks guys!
-J (Moderator)
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Help Locating Fur??

(Lotsa "fur-wanted" posts recently, and here's one more...)

Can anyone point me to a source for dense, high-quality, "seal" (very short pile plush, with a sheen) in the following colors?

Forest (preferably dark peacock) green:
Deep (preferably cobalt/peacock) blue:
Burnt golden-orange: or
Deep (royal) Purple:
Solid brownish-grey:

I also need matching "shag" versions (3" or preferably longer pile) of the same green, blue, purple, gold and copper. I'd prefer to get them all from the same source, if possible, so that the color matches and the furs are of equal quality (as well as for convenience). Is there any single manufacturer that has all these colors?

Thanks for any help! :)
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Hello everyone, me again. I'm sure you remember my post about my interest in making a shoebill suit sometime in the far off future? Well, I was thinking that I want to make it as realistic as possible, and I was reading up on shoebills themselves to be able to mimic their movement and voice when I do happen to make him. Not only do they whine and like to sound like cows (what I read said they make a mooing sound) but they also like to make a clacking/clattering noise with their beak. I know there's no way that foam can make a clacking noise! Is there some other durable, yet hard material that could make a noise like this, or is this just wishful thinking? Could I even close my jaw fast enough to have that effect if I did happen to get material like that?