November 9th, 2006

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WIP: Dragon Head

Here's the sculpt for my latest dragon head. Part of a trade with Fallimar.

After my last post people wanted to see a little more of the process, so I plan to show the stages of casting a mould over the next week or so.

I sculpt in modeling wax, which I find ideal as it has many of the properties of clay, but without drying out. This head has been on the backburner for a couple of months - An hour here and there. Theres no way I could do that in clay without having too spray it with water and fuss over it twice a day.

I drew the scales into the wax with a old PDA stylus, then melted the ragged edges with a hot air gun, repeating the process several times till I was happy. The rest is the product of good old fashioned obsession - every now and again ill get hooked on detail and just keep shoveling it on till its done or I go crazy and have to have a lie down.
Anyway ill try to answer any questions and post pics of it being cast in a few days, Cheers.

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Deer me..

So. I'm starting small. I'm going to a party in early december and I want to have put together

Ears, Tail, and hooves. the style of a deer.

I've been all over online and I was hoping you guys could send me to or give me some step by step instructions.

I want a digitgrade look for the hooves, but if thats over complicated I'd do with a simple illusion step by step?

Mostly, though, I'd like to know how to go about making ears that could cover mine and stay on but still look cute and fluffy...

It's just with a hawk I can't cover my own ears >_<;

kthanks! <3

Of course, if you make these things for a living and could have them to me by then..I could be persuaded to drop change in the bucket, so to speak? But I really am DIY kid .. <3

:EDIT: I forgot! I need horns! Those Are kind of important haha! But I'm not sure a headband would look good, again, with a hawk.
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