November 11th, 2006

  • rian_al

need help with a idea

Greetings. First time posting here, need some help figuring out if it's possible to create in reality the idea that I have orbiting in my head.

Anyway, I'm planning on going to AC next july, and I wish to start getting together the fursuit that I wish to make. My plans are a half-mask, tails, body paint and perhaps a few other addons, but since I've never attempted to create anything like this, I really have no idea how to make it work or what I would need to do.

Now, the mask would probably be easy, consiting of a sort of helm with faux fur on it, eye holes and ears. I wear glasses, so they'll need to either fit underneath(which will require extra room), or simply go over them, which means that my normal ears will have to be free enough to hook the ends on. I'm personally thinking of something like this. That I'll work on later, but any ideas or help on it would be appreciated.

What I really need help with is my idea for my tails. Since my furself is a three-tailed kitsune, I need to create three long, bushy, fox-like tails for me. Any help on just those will be nice, since I have no idea how to go about creating them.
But the idea I have for these tails is to make them with a thick core that is hollow on the inside. Attached to different points of this core will be wires of some kind. These wire would then run up the tail and then run along inside seams of clothing until they reach a certain part of the body where they would be tied off. Pretty much what I want to do is to make it so that when I move, the wires will tighten, causing that spot on the tail to pull up, giving movement to the tails without me having to do anything else. Now this I have no idea how to do, just a few ideas like using fishing wire tied to straps on my body and such.

The tails will be the most important aspect of the suit, with everything else simply being added as time allows. After the tail will be the mask and body paint.

So any suggestions?
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  • taren_

Dragon wings and teeth!

Maybe this project will be done before MFF! It's taken almost a year and a half to get this far, but my (self) Taren suit is almost done.

Today I made one of the wings, and I'd like some critique on it:

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Here's props to everyone that's worked on this suit so far:
HEAD: fallimar
BODY: taren_ (currently used as pajamas!)
FEET/HANDS: semjay

I think it needs support inside like a coathanger. What do you recommend for putting along the inside of this thing? Metal coathanger? Stiff wire? (What gauge?)

Also, I'm having dental problems- the teeth (which are quite awesome, by the way!) keep falling out.
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The first picture was taken in April, when I received the head. The second was taken in September when I wanted to do work on the head. The third is what it looked like after fixing it up. Now it's November and the teeth are loose and falling out again. There's something about hot glue on vinyl that isn't working. Will a different adhesive such as superglue hold better?

That's about it for noooow... thanks for your help!

Running out of Ideas...

Hello everybody! I'm in dire need of money to buy my friends Christmas presents, so I've decided that I'm going to make a fursuit partial to sell on ebay to get some money. But, I've completely run out of ideas of what to make. So, I'm asking for some ideas of wild animals that you'd like to see as a fursuit partial. ((I have 'mole' stuck in my mind. I love moles. XD))

Toss me some ideas =3
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Beetle Autumn

WIP Bull

I thought some of the less experienced members here would enjoy seeing this.

It is a work-in-progress bull costume I am making for myself just because I found some delightful holstein patterned fur. The eyes are just placeholders at this point, so they look a little wonky, and are the wrong colour. He will have realistic horns/hooves, and a fully padded bodysuit when finished.

Maybe this'll give you some ideas for your own artistic pursuits.

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