November 12th, 2006

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I ordered a good 40 dollars worth of fur from CRS Crafts a while ago. I got the 'your order has been shipped!' email on the 2nd of November. So I wait and wait. No fur. Finally, today, I think to myself 'I DID order something, didn't I? Shouldn't it BE here???' so I check my email. Yup, I have the invoice. I click the 'track package' link and according to FedEx, my fur was delivered back on the 8th. But I, nor my family, nor my neighbors ever saw that box. x_X

What do I do? Should I call CRS Crafts? Or FedEx?

PS, wasn't sure whether to put this in Fursuit or Fursuit Lounge.

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A W.I.P. of a fursuit head my mate commissioned me to do :3

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He's not finished at the moment, as I have a few problems D:

1. SEEEAMS. I hate them. with a passion. and I can't figure out how to keep them from happening where the blue meets the white. Especially since the blue is sort of like a seal-type fur and the white is...plush? Maybe? it's very soft and short pile, but it's not seal. I'd like to avoid sewing them, if I can help it. Because I don't trust my hand sewing ability.

2. Should I shave the white fur on the muzzle? It look sort of weird, but only in certain places, so I'm unsure x:

3. For the technique of using rubber bands for a moving jaw: how do you keep the rubber bands in? If this were a personal head, I would just keeps the pins in there, because they seem fairly secure. Buuut it's for someone else, and I'd rather not be liable for a pin in someones eye (:

and for a future reference: ears. How would you suggest furring them? Because mine....look like crap at the top x: there's a huuuuge seam, like, coated in glue. which actually doesn't look good.

I'd just really like some honest critique on this, as it's important to me to have this look good <3
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Happy Bat

Moogle Makeing

I have decided it is time to make a moogle.

I have been wanting to do it for a while now, but I guess I was just waiting. I came up with a nice design I will be happy to make. I think the thing that inspired me most, though, was FFXII with the introduction of the old-style moogle. They where always my favorite, I do not like the moogle's used in FF 7-10ish.

Okay, so why am I posting this? Simple... I need help. I have pretty much everything planned except for two things.

1) The ball on the sting thingie. I want it to pretty much hold in one place, and mine will be long, the wire will reach around me to the small of my back. I was thinking industrial wire, but the problem is keeping it on the head so it dosn't bend wrong... so it stays in one place. I am doing a balaclava style head. Any sugjestions?

2) She will be holding a sword (kinda a sword, it's not quite as big as a sword, though not quite as small as a dagger.) I want the blade itself to be clear. The blade looks like a flame from blue, yellow, to red. Is there any possible to to do this within a reasonable price range? If not I will just live with an opeque blade.

Here is a picture for those whom need it:

Mine looks alot different, but that is the sort of moogle I am planning, and it's easy to see what I mean from that picture.

Thank you!

*EDIT* Okay, not old style moogles, whatever. I just like these sort of moogles better, that's all. I can be wrong.
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Fursuit 2
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Ravyn and Sinz fursuits

I finished these just before halloween. I know I havent posted here much, been a lurker for a while (last time I posted was like, last summer), but here I am again with some new stuff. I'll be posting a couple more suits in a few weeks, Ive been quite busy :)
More pics behind the cuts, but they are fairly large.
First, here's Ravyn (my personal suit)

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And Sinz (my mate)

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More pics on my website!
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