November 13th, 2006

SUPER happy

Nbowa Lion Fursuit

G'day again folks

This is my latest creation.

Look out for him at MFF!
Was made for nbowa and from what I've heard, he's one happy lion!

Body was cut to fit the wearer, Padded hand paws, Large foot paws and of course the lion head. This includes two yellow fringe streaks.

Be on the look out for more projects being finished in the next few weeks :)

Stay Pumped people!
The Burmecian Soldier // FFIX

Fur Wigs for Fursuits (or other means of hair?)

I have read through everything regarding hair / wigs for fursuits in the Memories section of this community, but I'm still scratching my head with a few questions. Through watching the community, I have also seen fursuits that do in fact have hair to have fur-like looking manes / hairstyles. I also have seen fur wigs on Dollfies (gallery here:, and I really like how this technique looks.

Does anyone have any pointers and/or tutorials on how to go about making a nice fur wig? I would REALLY love any help on this.

One of the fursuits I am working on right now is the blue beastie from Final Fantasy X, Kimahri, and I'm at a loss of what to do about his hair.


If I DID go about with making a fur wig, I'd still have to use wig hair to do the braids that hang down on each side of his face, right? I have also seen fursuiters use horse hair as well, but...

[as you can see, I am rather pulled-all-ways confused about this *falls over*]

Any pointers would be AWESOME! Thank you!!
Beetle Autumn

claw types

What types of claws do you prefer? What is more important - shape? material? or colour?

1) material. Do you like rubber claws that look sharp but which will bend with pressure. Or hard claws that *are* sharp. Are sharp claws dangerous when fursuiting? Maybe you prefer dull, hard claws? Or soft, fabric claws?

2) colour. Are basic colours good (white, black, red, ect) or do you prefer ones that are realisticly painted? What colour(s) do you prefer/use most often? I assume black is popular..

3) Shape. curvy cat claws or long, straight badger claws? Big or small?

Thanks for any opinions you can give me :)

Another 3D eye question...

So within this week I'm last-minute rebuilding my Olcadan head before AnimeUSA.

I really want to do tracking "follow-me" eyes since I think with photographs, it would be nice to be able to strike any of Olcadan's fighting poses and be looking at the camera.

When I first did Olcadan's eyes, I had them as circles and then put a black craft foam "eyelid" over and under it -- not very big, just enough to give the eyes a little shape and a little expression. You can see those here.

Now when I do the 3-d eyes, do I make them as circles per usual, setting them back in the head, and then just put the eyelid over that circular eye again?

Or would I be better served making the 3-d eye itself in that slightly different shape that you can see of the eye when the eyelid is over it?

Does that make sense...? Anyway it's probably a minor point but I want to see if anyone else has run into it.

Thank you! I've been posting so many questions here but everyone's so responsive, 'tis a fabulous resource!!

New member, and new suit!

Hiya! *pawwaves* Tawny here, a mountain lion out in Maine, U.S. of A.

I'm still rather new to suiting; done a few charity events, one convention, and a few house parties. I think I like this suiting thing...soon I'll like it even more.

I've had a Realms cougar for the last year. But now, thanks to silverlinz, my new "roommate" will be arriving sometime in the near future. He's apparently housebroken and cleans up after himself. We'll see if he pays his share of the rent money, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Pop on over anytime; I don't bite and I have all my shots anyway. Bye! *bounds off into the treeline*