November 14th, 2006

Mystery Fox

Economy Feet?

My freind is a high school teacher in a non-so-well-of district here in missouri, so they're whole budget for a show is less than 200 dollars. It's a children's show about christmas and has 4 mice and a pirate cat in it. She asked me to make some basic economy costumes and I've got ideas for the masks and hands but not so much the feet. I'm getting the idea she wants to use them for other things later so the foam toes and details aren't needed because the kids will probably be really rough on them. Anyone have any ideas one economy feet??

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The Arctic Fox White fur from DENVERFABRICS.COM. They seem to have stopped carrying it after I'd ordered my swatch and before I got to order any. :(

Anyone have any scraps of this?
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the re-birth of Velkrotiger

Velkrotiger was made in 2000 with cheep white fun fur and 15 yards of velcro as its stripes. He had 2 sets of removable stripes... one set in fur, one set in shiny sequins for dress occasions. He was put away for good after Midwest FurFest 2004.
The new Velkrotiger is made with much better fur.. Monterey Mills Fox, but only has one set of stripes for now because when I moved, I think I threw away all the old stripes. oops.
He's got the same style suit, paws, feet... really the head is the only thing that changed besides the hidden zipper in the front.
He cant wait to be back at MFF.
Niiku - rave lights wooo lineart by Frea
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Dragon tail :3

i finished up the dragon tail for that partial i'm making for myself ^_^ just thought you'd all like to see, because i'm taking tail commissions now and all that good stuff. all that nonsense up top is the belt loops/harness thing i built into it so that it stays securely attached to the belt and gives the tail a nice bounce when i walk.
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well i am in the process of making my first toony, female , and follow you eyes suit. i need to come up with a way to make light durable horns. i want to make them pretty long like 10 inches or so. i was going to make them plush by sewing fleece for horns but the animal i am making them for tend to twist a little bit and curl at the end.

i was going to make them out of syrofoam wreaths like i usually do but there prone to getting dents. so is there anything i could make horns out of thats very light hard, and durbale?

here is a picture to show you what i am making' tis a Bongo:

something thick but not as long.

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I was just wondering, has anyone ever tried to use Sculpey Bake and Bend clay for claws? I've never tried it, but I bought some a while back for a commission, in the hopes that it would be a little less likely to break than regular clay.

If any one has used it, is there any particular reason not to? I know most children's clays will crumble, but I was thinking if it was from Sculpey, than it can't be too bad.