November 16th, 2006

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Well here is the WIP for the low budget film, As you can see it is a combination of dying and airbrushing that allows me to create the face. I need an ew trimmer now however the old one RIP has served me well, But it has kicked the bucket. here is the link to the pictures of the new snowleopard

The name for this one when finished will be Cindersnow

I will be working on him at my table in artist alley, please come by and I will let you in on the magic


Fur, Eyes, and airbrushin'

..ONCE AGAIN I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND |D. I am special I know I know. HOWEVER this one will be a beautiful fox (maybe with 2-3 tails) with white fur and red, orange and black accents,inspired by the PS2 game, Okami. I have a few questions on how I am going to make it.

1) What would you suggest to use for airbrushing red markings? Would you even suggest it or would you just suggest using red for to make the markings for they aren't THAT complicated (red around the eyes, red ears and random red furs in the tufts of the side of the face.) If I shouldn't do airbrushing, do you know of any white fur with red hairs in it I can use for the cheek tufts?

2) Asian eyes. Follow-me Asian eyes. How do you suggest doing these? Globe or stick-fingers-in (I would prefer the second cause globes fog easily)? The eyes are bright blue, would you suggest using buckram for the entire eye so that I can see through it or just the pupils? Also, where would I get buckram if I wanted to use it.

3) Fur. I need to find fur. Shorter fur for the head (crimson red, white, black and sunset orange[orange is only for a band on the tail]), nice long fur for the tail and maybe arms and feet (or bodysuit if I can). Any suggestions on what length of fur for the tail/feet/hands/(bodysuit?)? Where would you suggest I get fur for rather cheap yet not fun fur and still of nice quality for I am poor and jobless and relying on parents mainly for money.

4) I am still going! Sorry guys. I am highly curious. I have a real fox tail I bought at a con that is just BEAUTIFUL with the motion. Any way to suggest getting a realistic type of motion from a tail? I am thinking about making a tail with a chain in it with some stuffing so that it can wag and swing. If I was going to do the chain (unless you guys suggest something else I can do) how would you suggest I keep it in place in the tail? Also keep in mind the tails are rather large, fluffy (poofy, not fat) and rather long.

5) Gems. My character has three orange gems. One on its forehead, and one in each bottom corner of the eyes. What would you suggest using for the gems as I want them relatively close to the color of the orange fur and the paint on the nails. They are sunset colored. Also, how would I attach them? By cutting out a small piece of the fur or just gluing them directly onto the fur?

Okay. I am done for now. Watch me come up with more questions to pester you guys with. This will be my second fursuit, done on a balaclava base with foam. I may sew a bit more of the seams (the large ones) than hot glue them to make this head look really nice since I will be using a higher quality of fur than I used for my first fursuit.
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Sasha Wiggle

On making ears and tails... Cheap & easy!

You can make simple ears & tails out of Faux fur.

I've made ears for me and a friend and our tails are made of feather boas.

Example is Crittenz!

See her fluffly white doggie ears made of faux fur?

Her ears are not attached to the headband either (making them very easy to lose... =^~.~^;=) But that is easily fixed by fastening them with a safetly pin. ALSO!! if you stick a glowstick between them... they FRICKEN GLOW!!

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I've come up with a prototype tail armature that looks to be integrated into a lot of my tails in the future. Combined with stretch fur I reckon you could get almost -realistic- movement from it, it moves three dimensionally, flops upward, downward, bounces around, can flip around in circles, everything! It's kept from overstretching with strips of what will be in the future strips of webbing (yes, the duct tape is only for the prototype!). In future tails, the armature will be secured with tough glue and wood/wire 'pins' as well as webbing and studs. Once it's completed I'll have two methods of wearing for maximum butt-hold, one involving a belt and one involving a harness.

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If anyone's interested in obtaining a tail made with this kind of armature, which I'll be trialling using different species - from small canine all the way up to giant dragony tails, then talk to me! They'll be quite a bit more expensive than my normal tails, but nothing crazy :)

Whilst they're in the prototype stage I'll be needing to do a few and cheaper than I'll be selling them for in the future, so get in now if you're up for an interesting addition to your suit!

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