November 18th, 2006

  • midori8

Leather Hooves or foam Hooves.

hey all,

i have yet another question now that i fixed the issue with the horns ( thanks Jovino!)

i can't decide if i want to make leather hooves or foam plushy hooves.

the issue with the leather ones is i have no idea how to make them. i know to use veggie tanned leather but thats about it. i was hoping to buy one of thouse bags from Tandy leather thats just scraps of Veggie tanned leather. but i am stuck as to what to do next after that. do i get it wet? do i form it over something? i am making a cloven hoof so it's alittle different then say a horses hoof.

is leather a good choice? does it hold up well? or should i stick with foam plushy hooves?
  • vaide


This is kind of a general question... but UV reactive fur?

See, I bought a pair of really cool goggles and I, just out of curiousity, placed them on the coyote head I'm working on. It looked SUPER cute, so I started thinking about a raver/UV fursuit.

I'm not too educated in UV stuff, but I know that my white shirts glow under blacklight, so should all neon colors glow well under blacklight? Like, could I buy any hot neon green fur and it'll glow?

Also, would glow-in-the-dark paint airbrushed onto fur work well too? I ask this because I figure it would also be cool to be able to charge up the color and glow anywhere dark.

And finally, I would love to make a UV raver head/partial, but I know I'd never use it and it would probably have crazy markings and such. Would I be able to sell something like that afterwards, or would I have better luck to just wait for a commision requiring glow to come around if I hoped to sell it?

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EDIT: Would I also be able to use a hair dye like glow in the dark manic panic on fur? I assume it'd stay on better since a suit head doesn't shower with shampoo and grow the hair out.