November 20th, 2006



Hey everyone! My second fursuit is done, this time Olcadan from Soul Calibur III! (Fatkraken's done this one too, and actually she gave me some valuable pointers, so thanks!)

Does he count as a full suit because he's a full character? Or a partial because he's a character that's only part owl?

...ANYwho! The eyes are supposed to track, and they worked well enough, but I learned, obviously, that the far pupil disappears at a certain angle, and that happens to be the angle that my friend seemed to like to shoot me from...well, that's okay, even with the eyes a little wonky I think the suit came out well. *smiles* I'll just have to work on that next time I suppose. They tracked well enough to make at least a couple of people at AnimeUSA go "woah, you're watching me!"

Hope this Mitsurugi doesn't mind me using the shot with him in it first, but I think this is one of the best pictures of my costume. The fur's not TOTALLY accurate and looks a little like a baby owl's feathers, not a full-grown ass-kicking owl...but I confess I opted for comfort, as this is furry fleece with a comfy soft backing instead of the usual burlap-y backing I find on faux fur.

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Hopefully not TOO bad for a second try, hehe. I got a LOT of comments on it and everyone seemed to love it, even one girl who particularly feared Olcadan from the game. She had me pose as though I was terrorizing her for her friends, hehe.

SO much fun but boy did my feet hurt from those heeled boots!
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New head and big changes

semjay and I have been secretly making a head to debut at MFF, and now that con has passed, time to show it off on the internet!

Introducing Semjay version 3!

Click for the construction gallery and other finished pictures!

Isn't this adorable? Our best head yet. I think Sema and I make a great team! <3! Did you see her running around con this year?

And another thing- I had some free time today, so I completely revamped my fursuit and head pages, and updated our commission info. Come see for yourself!

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*luvs his pibble*