November 21st, 2006


How many yards of fur would you reccommend buying for 2 partial fursuits. I'm going to make my first attempt at it for Anthrocon. I also need to know what I need for a mesh fursuit head and claws, eyes, noses and things like that. IF you could help me that would be great!


Beetle Autumn

Ice Creature

A few days ago, after casting some eye blanks, I had some left over resin and edcided to cast a few claws as an experiment. I forgot about them until today when I demolded them and realized how cool totally clear claws look. I don't know of anyone who has ever made/used clear claws before in a costume.

They really look like they could have been created in an icecube tray and I decided that I really wanted to run with that theme.

I can't use that idea for my Snowy Forest critter (for various reasons). So now I need ideas for a companion creature - maybe a frozen lake creature or mountain glacier critter.

What animals do you see when you think of ice and snow? What colours? What habitat?

I could theoretically cast other body parts such as horns or spikes, though it could get expensive/heavy if they're too big (ie. I can't make clear bighorn sheep horns.. more's the pity).

Any ideas? Let your imagination run with it and report back here :D This could turrn into something really cool :D
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I have a question...

How is the white fox fur from Monterey Mills? Or the service/fur from SyFabrics? The shaggy white fur, the red shaggy fur, the orange shaggy fur and black shaggy fur. Is it soft, good quality, ect. Also, for a head, tails, paws and feetpaws would you suggest longer fur (2-3in) or shorter fur (under an inch). For a body, wold same length fur be appropriate or would it be better to have longer/shorter fur? Also, if the furs I have picked are not exactly, 'ideal' furs what furs would you suggest? I am mainly looking for crimson and white fur. Though I do need a little sunset orange fur and black fur for certain highlights (band around the tail and tail tip/ear tips).

Thanks for any help I get. I am also looking for more help when it comes to my other questions I posted a couple days ago. Please respond to that as well.

Thank ya for the help,
Skittle <3
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alright, my suit plan to start right after christmas is an old character of mine. Kazzo. i have like 9 short stories of him, Besha, Lossica and Skie of their adventures in china(book title). i am making kazzo into a fullsuit. All fur i want is long pile/shag. I need help finding exact colors. He is an australian shepherd.

ref pics i drew up now:

profile body:

Front head:

What base should i build him on for best results? I hate all foam, so i wont do that, and too expensive.

And the bodysuit seams overly complicated, and i dont have acess to an airbrush, does anyone have tips on making spots in shagy bodysuits? should th zipper be in the front and what color?


~Shaggy Griffon Studios

Tail armature followup

Tail prototypes complete. Woo.

The video shows the movement you get with it, looks rather impressive even though the file got stretched out of all recognition. Bear in mind that Kurrel isn't that wide, and that our tv isn't that big, and that the tail isn't QUITE that long.

It is, however, that funky :D

Also, a smaller dog-styled tail using the same principle:



Tail now covered, with little loss of mobility!

The fur is baggy because it has NO stretch whatsoever, and is rather heavy so it pulls the armature into a lower hanging S shape. With lighter, short pile or stretch fur, this kind of thing would be just awesome! :D

I'll be taking commissions for these starting... ... ... NOW! <-- shameless plug, ignore if wished.