November 22nd, 2006


Introducing: Godiva, The Chocolate Skunk

Been a long time since I have posted my works here. :) I introduce Godiva, The Chocolate Skunk:

I finished her the week before MFF and debuted her there :)

She even SMELLS like Chocolate :) Her tail can be up, or down depending on her mood. :)

More Pics Here:,mff2006_kwipper_391.jpg

I hope you like her! Thanks to DustyKat for help with the tail!
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The Burmecian Soldier // FFIX

Holiday Wishes

I do not know if this is permitted as a post, but I would just like to wish all of my fellow fursuiters and friends a very happy, safe, and healthy Thanksgiving weekend, and upcoming holiday season. You have all been quite a major inspiration to me, and I would not have been able to do the fursuit outfits I had without all of your support. For these, I am truly thankful.

Well wishes to all! ^_^


What's the best way to make final alterations and tailoringstuffs for a bodysuit? I'm aaalmost done with mine, except... I used a commercial pajama pattern, so it's not baggy, but instead extremely loose (I'm a runner and it makes me look like a blob). How should I go about fixing the seams and suchlike, and what's the best way of pinning it?

Thanks :D And happy Thanksgiving, all!
Taurin Fox Con Badge Pic

Traveling to Cons and Fursuits

The recent trouble of a friend with his fursuit getting lost by American Airlines and having to put up with our fursuit cases being searched once again makes me reconsider the option of shipping my fursuit ahead of me to a con, my next one being FC (flying from Orlando with one connection).

I know it's been done in the past, but I was curious to know of other fursuiters' experiences in this matter. Has anybody ever lost their fursuit through a mail carrier? Which is better: UPS, Federal Express, DHL, etc.? How reliable are they? Any other observation?

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One more question

I decided to go with a mesh head since it looks like it will be much easier for a beginner. I've worn a mesh fursuit head before but it can get uncomfortable on the inside. Is there anyway to make it softer to the skin on the inside?

Fursuit Idea...

Alright other than my personal wolf and my boyfriends dragon i have 2 other dragons and one weasel that are on my list. When these are done I am going to have a lot of spare fur. I want to know a good fusuit idea that might work. I don't want any generic animals to work with. You know what i am talking about canines and felines and most rodents are out of the question. I have about 2.5 yards of black fur if not more. 2 yards of red fur that i bought and never did any thing with. that is long pile where the black is short. and random larger scraps of other furs. I am not against buying fur so if you come up with a good animal but think it will need more than those two colors tell me and i might order it. This partial will be for sale when it is done so tell me what you might want to see in a fursuit.