November 23rd, 2006

Blood Raven - Scottish-Punk Whopase!

First fursuit FINALLY finished.

You may recall me posting her for the first time over a year ago - without eyes, and partially unfurred.. well, this past Halloween I FINALLY got around to finishing her up, and tonight I finally remember to post pictures. ^^; She turned out okay I guess.. I dunno, I'm not particularly happy with her, but hey, a first try is a first try I suppose. I learned one particularly important lesson - never settle for short, woolly fur just because that's all the local JoAnn Fabrics has in stock. From now on I'm going to use better materials, now that I know where to procure them.

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Anyway, currently I'm working on a partial lizard suit for my mate.. I've got the feetpaws and handpaws done; photos of that will be popping up soon, once completed. For his mask I'm going to use a baklava based head rather than mesh, as I did or mine.. I found that the mesh turned out way too bulky (my muzzle is too broad because of it, etc) and uncomfortable to wear. I *think* I comprehend the baklava process.. I've got the elastic sewn on and all already, but before I begin to foam, any pointers of things to watch out for with baklava heads that are a potential troublespot? I'm kind of skeptical about how well the moving jaw'll work.

I'm not dead!

Hey everyone! Must have been ages since I last posted here. I've been busy with university, but I'm still working on suits, and I have some finished works to show off. Two partial suits, and there's a fullsuit in the works that should be done very soon.

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Exaggerated jaw movement?

I've got another partial build (or three) planned for sometime this year, and in the design stages I've hit a small snag on one of them.

It's going to be a lizard... dragon... "THING" (the actual character has no defined species, heh. Sorta saurian.) The designing of the head itself is going to make me nuts, since I plan on using it for dancing and it's going to need Grade A vision.

BUT here's the real issue I need help with - I plan on making him a bit on the toony side, something bright and cheery. As such, I want him to have exaggerated jaw movement. Rather than just having something that moves a little here and there when I talk, or a mouth that just opens a bit - I wanna be able to rack his mouth open like a crocodile about to swallow a large dog. (OK, maybe not THAT much, but you get the idea.) BUT! I also want to be able to have his jaw close completely, or at least not have it hanging open when I'm lolling around.

Anyone have any experience or ideas on how I can pull that off? I learned from my first head that I'll need extra chin support in order to get a jaw to display a decent amount of movement, so there'll already be a full chin strap in place. I'll also probably be building this head out of mesh rather than on top of a balaclava, or with a combination of both, due to the design of the creature.

Suggestions? (BTW, the critter I'm talking about is the cute li'l ginger lizard in my icon... THAT'S the range of jaw movement I want to have.)
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How to make YOUR suit smell YUMMY!

Well I was asked at least 100 times at MFF, and I am not one to keep a secret.

First, I have to say, Godiva is NOT the first suit to have a scent. The first *I* knew of is CandyCoon who smells like Cotton Candy, and who had it YEARS before Godiva. I did ask the owner of that suit if it was OK if I copied the idea, and they said yes. YAY ME

Anyway, I bought it from a website called of all places, Bucks Corner Store. You can go to the SILK BODY SPRAY section and choose any of their 100's of smells or ask to have one made up for you. They have Aqua, Cylomethicone, FO Potassium Sorbate in them. They don't seem to stain anything, and they don't seem to have any OIL in them (its water based. If you are worried, email them and REQUEST the water based one)

ENJOY the smells!

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Three years of fursuit building!

This past MFF 2006 marks the third year I have been building fursuit, and so to mark the occasion I made Frost Leo version 4 that I showed off at MFF 2006.

I had one and a half weeks during the evenings to make the head, and I'm borrowing the body and paws from the previous revision, but I managed to make the head in time even though I had a cold and an occasional bloody nose (sorry for the TMI!)

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I'll probably continue to make new Frost Leos as he has become the critter to show how I've progressed over the years. My next one will most likely return to my basic fursuit heads style, but I'm sure you'll see more of them as I find new methods and styles of making the heads.

For those who are interested and would like to know more about the history of the white lion and my fursuit building, please click on the link below:

I'll also have to make another post soon about a partial I made that showed his face at MFF 2006, Ashes the fire fighting dalmatian.
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Please Recommend?


I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend some tutorials for doing eyes?

I've searched through the pages listed on the profile page of this group. The trouble is there are SO MANY different ways to do them!

I want something that can be accomplished by a beginner (me!), that's toony/cute but not oversized or oversimplified. Doesn't have to be stunning, just something that looks nice.

Can anyone give me some pointers?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for such a vague (and possibly overasked) question...
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