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  • lacy

MFF suits

I normally don't post a picture dump of new suits, but since all of these debuted at MFF this past weekend it seemed appropriate to post them all at once. :) From left to right we have Amiri Lion, Pepper Vixen, and Blazger!

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  • korth

Mouth question

So as the title enquires.. I was wondering - what are some solutions to making it not-so-easy to see the person through the mouth - but at the same time, not making it hard to breath in/really stuffy, hot, etc.. D:

It annoys me that I can't really open my suit's mouth without seeing -my- mouth as well! I just think it makes for a crap picture and lessens the realism if you get a picture and hey! There's a person's mouth in there. THEY GOT VORE'D UP D:

Jokes aside, any suggestions would be appreciated. <3 I'm not sure if there is anything or not - but that's why I asked.
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  • adaven

Reindeer on the Rise...

Hi all! Long time, no talk, just thought I'd finally post what I've been up to. Last time I was here, I asked for brown animal ideas for a hooded 'one-sie' suit. Pity I never got around to making the costume because I lacked time between school hours [and Warcraft stuff, lol].

But, anywho, I've finally started my brown animal and it's actually going to be a full-fledged fursuit: Comet the Reindeer (some of ya might've wondered why there was an odd square in the collage on My question is... I did some research and I realized reindeer don't have noses like those of a canine or feline. O_o; Because usually, when Rudolph is presented in the story, all the other reindeer have noses (ie Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, Burl Ives style), when it's a traditional Santa (ie The Santa Clause 2), they're realistic... Nostrils or nose, ftw?

Under the cut is what I've got so far.

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I'm currently working on a full reindeer suit, 'Blitzen'. The bodysuit, tail, feet, and paws are done. I just need to do the head. But, I'm wondering about some accessories I can make for him. The two I was planning on doing were a harness with jingle bells on it, so when I walk it jingles. The second was a collar with a big tag that says 'Blitzen'.

The third thing I wanted to do I have NO IDEA if it is possible. I wanted to run some Christmas lights around his antlers and somehow have them blink. How in the world would I do that? A batterypack....or....something?

And does anyone have any ideas for other accessories for a christmas-y reindeer suit?
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