November 26th, 2006

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Aussie Done

Well he's mostly done!

First I would like to say what still needs to be done. The nose is just there because it looks funny without one and it will be getting a WAY better nose as a replacement. The fur on the bottem half of the upper muzzle is kinda pointing a different dirrection so I'm going to tear that off and fix it. The white tummy is covering up another tummy with a zipper, and the velcro is going to be replaced with either a zipper or WAY better velcro because this stuff sucks. The mouth set is still needing to be done and one foot is missing his claws, which he wanted to use metal claws so we're gonna go buy the rest soon. The white belly fur has a thin strip of black that goes around it as part of his colors which will be added. Other than that this suit is done.

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All in all I am pretty proud of this suit. I'm going to be takeing two full-suit commissions for $350 a suit includeing only two colors and basic legs. Extra colors and digigrade-style legs are extra. I will also be takeing one half-suit commission for $200. Both will be one-time only offers. I'll let people know when those are open and will have a compleated picture of this suit. Let me now if yu are interested.

Thanks everyone!
C and C welcome
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finished head + body suit questions

I finished ( well, for the most part. Not sure if I'm keeping the following eyes. :/ ) my mate's head n_n I tried a different method with the jaw, and it works amazingly! I'll doodle up some diagrams if anyone wants them :3

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I'm also trying to decide on the best way to do a body suit for one of my characters. He's a skinny male character, though. and I'm...not. XD;I looove the look of the sort of close fitting body suits, but I don't know if that would work for this. Any way I could maybe change certain proportions of the suit to make it look skinny? or at least more...not female? XD;

I'm also thinking maybe I'll try digitgrade legs. Buuut, I've definately seen too many that make the suiter look completely unbalenced. :/ or just plain weird. But if you have any good pictures of digitgrade legs, I'd like to see them :3 to get some ideas.
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as i said before, im making Kazzo aussie. heres the ref pic:

im using medium pile from Crcrafts. but i cant find the right fur for the tan/light brown. i want medium pile, what should i use? how much of each fur should i use? im about 5'8-6'0 tall. how can i make this pattern? i found a way to make form fitting bodysuits. should the zipper be in front or back? i have an XL mcalls pattern for a lion bodysuit, the basic. i wanna know how to alter that. thanks!

shaggy out
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I've been thinking about trying to make a partial suit of one of my characters... Or at least the arms and tail.

So I was wondering, what would be a good type of fur for a dragon character?
This is the character with colors, anyone have any good recommendations for places to buy the fur, or even anyone have any spare fur that they'd be willing to trade or sell?
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I'm going to be starting the head of Blitzen, my reindeer fursuit, starting on monday/tuesday. I basically have everything I want to do planned out, design-wise. But, he's going to have semi-large antlers, and I'm wondering how I'm going to go about making them without having them bounce around when I move. I don't want to use real antlers, I don't like how they look. I'd like to carve them out of foam, but I don't want them to be bouncy. I'm at a loss here. o.o;

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Quick fursuit question.

Im going to be ordering some fur for a Full fursuit and was wondering on average how many yards should I order of material for a full fursuit?


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sorry for posting twice.

would rose quoll's moving jaw technique work with a balaclava base? thats what i want for my aussie head and i wasn't sure if it would work. i cnat do elastic, i tried it once and it didnt work at all. then how do you fur the jaw and head but keep it so it can move freely?

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Remember my bull head? ... No? Oh well. Well ANYWAY! I was commisioned to make another for a play. Turned out much better! (The horns are still wonky in the rubber department :( But that's because they're so big I didn't have anything long and skinny to dip them in.)

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new here

I started creating a plastic canvas "skull" for a fursuit of my fursona (who is sitting pretty to the left of the entry there). My first question is this: What kind of foam do you use to "flesh" out the head of the suit? Do you use hard foam like that found in most walmart craft areas (such as those cones and spheres that most kids make their solar systems out of for science class, or at least did)? Or do you use the softer foam like that found in some of the old sofa cushions?

I started this about 1.5 hours before bedtime, and have been working on it today for the last 2 hours or so, taking a break to eat during that time. I made a few mistakes on it, but was able to fix them to the best of my ability so far. It's gonna have a moveable jaw as well. progress so far can be seen Collapse )

Once I am finished with the canvas skull, my next step would be to acquire foam, hence the question I asked above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I hope this turns out well.
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Feline moving jaws?

I've seen a LOT of tutorials for moving jaws on canine-style masks.

The next suit I want to build is my first-ever fursona, Kittifox (who now stars in my webcomic Divided Sky - I'll post a proper reference picture soon, my art style's changed so the drawings of her on the site aren't totally accurate anymore)

She's got a short, feline-type snout on her (a tiny bit longer than usual due to vulpine blood, but nowhere near the long snout of a fox) and I'm wondering if anyone out there has done a convincing, good-looking moving jaw with a feline or other short-snouted head? In theory it could work but would it work well and look nice?


n00bish questions

Hello everyone!

I'm new to the community and the fandom, and I have to say fursuiting is a big part of what made me look into Furry. I enjoy viewing all your suits, you are all very talented. ^_^!

I started working on my first fursuit not long ago. I was using Matrices tutorials (thanks for those!) to build the head using plastic mesh. I took some pics and I wanted to ask the pros if it looked like it would turn out alright before I move on to the next steps and start furring and stuff.

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I'm trying for a Corgi pup. I'm not sure I got the cheeks right. Corgi's have very fox-like, almost triangular, head. If any of you have any tips or ideas on what I should do to make it look a little more Corgi-ish that'd be sweet.

One of the ears is half hacked off cuz I want it to be cute and floppy. If I just have somewhat of a fur "sock" for the ear, I figure it'll stand half up and flop. I don't know if I should put something in the floppy end to make it bouncy or something? Does there need to be more structure?

(( In case you're not familliar with corgis here are a couple pics of my puppies: ))

I realize the jaw is a bit crooked, but I messed around with it sooooo much that I'm content with how it is.

In other news I just ordered the fur for my suit last night, I can't wait for it to get here! :D
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