November 27th, 2006

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Big productive weekend!

I hope this weekend was as productive for the rest of you as it was for me. School was cancelled Wednesday through Friday, so I took advantage of all that time to produce three hats and almost completely did a fursuit head from scratch. Lots of <3's to semjay who did a lot of work with the fox head.

One of the hats I can't show you right now, but here are the other two: a husky hat for nanook123 won off of my furbid auction, and a child-size pony hat as an Xmas gift.
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As for the head, let this be a reminder of what happens when you fur a head with 3-inch pile:

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Shaved with an Oster we picked up at Petsmart for about $30. All the head needs now is mouth, eyes, and a nose! I will definitely post it when it's done.
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Hi guys!
Just wanted to show off a suit I finished the night before I flew out to MFF. He's a k9 mutt, and I built him for a really good friend of mine. We took these photos after the con. If you happened to catch any photos of him at MFF, please send 'em my way!

Cooper is the third fursuit I've made.

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