November 28th, 2006

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Growly's History

I was inspired by PPardus's post showcasing the evolution of his personal character, I decided to do the same. :D

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October 2002- It's almost Halloween and I need a costume.
I had been wanting to buy a fursuit for a long time, but after I saw how insanely expensive they were, I decided to try my hand at making my own.
So I went to Party City, bought a Dalmatian mask, and furred it to be Growly. The mask was horribly hot, being made of plastic, and my gloves were strips of fur messily hotglued to a pair of old black gloves (I didn't know how to sew back then).
The whole costume was actually 8 parts- 2 ears, the wig, the mask, the neck, the paws, and the tail. I had no clue what I was doing and it showed.

March 2003- I was very disatisfied with my first Growly costume attempt. I wanted a new, improved Growly suit for Dragon*Con, so I scoured the web and read every tutorial I would find. The brand-new Growly head was made from plastic mesh and foam. The fur was a lucky find, it was EXACTLY the color I needed for a red wolf.
My character in anthro form has headfur, but I had no idea how to do that, so I just left her bald- sort of a cross between her anthro form and her non-anthro form.
Paws were sewn this time, but shoddily so, pawpads were glued on. I also made some furry shoe covers, but (fortunately?) I don't have any pics of those. I also developed my tail pattern, which I still use an altered version of to this day. :)

September 2004- I learned a lot more about fursuiting, and after giving my old suit a more critical eye, partially revamped the head. I kept the same frame, but refurred the muzzle, gave her new eyes, paws, and feet, and gave her her trademark hairdo, complete with sparkly hairclips. :) I wore this to my very first furry convention, FWA '05.

January 2006- During summer 2005, my fursona's species changed from a wolf to a bear. New look, same great taste.
I decided to try my hand at an all-foam balaclava head for the very first time. It was a little difficult to learn, but was great practice. I barely (or bearly?) finished in time for Furry Weekend 2006... I was literally finishing the paws and tail in the car, and even then I still wanted pawpads and feetpaws, and maybe even a bodysuit. Still, despite being officially 'finished', I enjoyed playing in my new bear Growly very much.

August 2006- I went back and revamped the head a lot... I really was not happy with it before. New eyes, new teeth, a re-covered nose, and the addition of pawpads were only a few of the changes made. I also sewed her a bodysuit and made her a pair of feet. I also remade her tail, as the last one... err, kind of fell into a toilet at FWA. Long story. ^_^;;
And that's how Growly looks to this day!

I hope that was interesting... at the very least I hope you enjoy the pretty pictures, ahaha.
I'd like to see more of you guys with fursona suits do the same and talk about your character's evolution as a costume. :D


Well after some emails passed back and forth between me and about the issues of concerning of a tail.. -tail swish!- I still haven't leaned much to one side other than tempting to take the polypill side rather than the foam. But I am still pacing back and forth between the two. I would like to make a final decision soon so I can pay with a definite assurance of what I want. So, it comes down to two points for the lil' padunk

Foam or Polypill: What do you think?

Here is a design I made for them.. nothing too insane.
Las Cool

Fur Length and Seams

I will soon be starting my first fursuit. After seeing alot of awesome suits at MFF I am wondering. What is the shortist pile fur a novice can sew and still be fairly confident that the seams will remain hidden? Or is it all technique?
Beetle Autumn

Red XIII Update

For those who wanted to see where I am on my Red XIII cosplay costume. Obviously, it is unfinished.

The eyes may be wrong or reversed (I did them without references), but they were just set in for the pictures. The ears can also be reshaped if needed.

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I am having a bit of difficutly with the tail. It has a wire to make it more photogenic but it tends to flop over on its side, so the tail curves to the side rather than straight out. It is attached to a belt via a small hole in the bodysuit.

The bodysuit fabric is glorified felt so I cannot have any obvious bulges or 'butt plates' as it's a very thin fabric and it'll be seen on the outside. Also, it needs to be removable so I can sit in a theatre seat comfortably and not rip the bodysuit.

How can I keep the tail straight and secure, yet still removable?

Feline Tail

Huzzah! I can actually contribute to the community. This is my first attempt at a stand alone tail. I took my cue for creation from this site. I'm glad that I was able to get this fur. It came in scraps from someone who couldn't use it. She had told me the original product was rather pricey per yard, which made me feel special for finding a use for it.

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This is also version 1 of the tail. Since I have taken the pictures I've been tweaking it. Nothing that you would really notice physically. I tightened the fur since it was really loose over the core, fiddled(ing) with the belt loops, moved the fur over the screws...small, anal costumer stuff :p I don't try to fight those moments. I just call it "Artist Anality" and ride it out.
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Plasti dip

hey all!

well after some searching around, i couldn't find any black plasti-dip, for my current project. i KNOW i have seen it before but we all know when you're trying to find something inportant you'll never find it.

so i said heck with it and bought the only color they hand: red.

so to hurry up and get to the point; can i paint plasti-dip? the plasti-dip is going on my feet so what kind of paint should i use and what can i put on it to protect the paint?


(no subject)

Hellos, I'm Shesta and have been a lurker for awhile now, too shy to say anything really. I've mostly done tails and ears, but decided to finally give a try at a full fursuit. I'm currently working on one of my roleplay characters, Drudge, a chimera whom I hope to have finished by MegaCon07.

I've finished the mesh and have done the jaw set with model magic and sculpey, but the two front incissors weighs it down a bit and causes it to slide when attempting to open the mouth. Is there anyway to minimize the slide by chance? I was thinking either add a bit of foam around the neck or install hooks of some sort in the back to attach it to the suit itself.

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So that's my first masterpiece. Questions? Comments? Critques?
Blue weasel

Weasel and shiny, black eyes

Hi all!

I've got two questions-

Did any of you who went to MFF happen to see, and more specifically, take photos of a costume of a weasel wearing a leather jacket? That costume's mine, and I've realized that I have no photos of it complete!

Secondly, do any of you have tips for making large, shiny, all-black eyes for costumes? The weasel has hemispherical eyes that I painted with translucent paint, and they're a nightmare to see through- not only do they fog up, but they distort and obscure vision on their own. Also, if the lighting's just right, you can see right into the costume's eyes at my own. The next costume I'm planning on making will also have shiny, black eyes, and I'd like to fix the problems I've had.

Any tips would be appreciated!
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(no subject)

Hi there :) Been a lurker for a while, but I finally I think I'm brave enough to post heh. I've never made anything remotely like a fursuit before, much less use anything resembling a sewing machine. But anyway, I decided I'd try something for this past Halloween. I had two days to put it together, but I kinda like the result. I made a mesh and foam based head, but there's not bottom or neck to it, which actually came in handy because it was pretty warm that night and the head was not well ventilated at all. I was able to have it sit on top of my head like a big furry hat (think Lion King on Broadway style). Anyway, Collapse )