November 29th, 2006

A small update on my Fursuit head...

I have ordered my Orange and Lime Short Pile Fur. I have black already, so that is a plus. I've rounded areas as best as I could, then I've applied the Duct tape to create the patterns I will need to cut for the fur. I have removed the teeth and tongue, because it wasn't agreeing with me and the teeth kept breaking, so I'm redoing the mouth. I'm also going to work on the eyes as well. Her eyes are slits like a cat, demon, or dragon.
So, while I wait for my fur to arrive in the mail, I will work hard on the eyes and the mouth. I also need to figure out how I'm going to do the Earrings and what to make them out of. Spooky has peircings like I have IRL. Industrial pericing, Tragus, Right EyeBrow, Left Upper Cartilage, and normal Lobe pericings on both ears. I really can't wait til I get to put the fur on this. I can't wait til I see the end result really. I'm amazed as to how well I'm doing so far. This is my FIRST fursuit head that I've made, ever. ^_^ <3

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Cuddles ^^

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Greetings all

Some of you know that I was at MFF wearing my husky suit. A lot of the time, it was only the half suit. When you saw me in full suit, I was wearing a padded shirt underneath it. This thing was extremely hot. so much so, that it really made the suit unwearable because I could not cool off in it X_x

So, I tried the suit on by itself only to find that it had stretched itself big surprise there.

The thing that triggered me to do this tonight was actually watching vincent dance in fursuit...I thought that was pretty damn cool. So I went to mod my suit and thought this was the direction to go in.

Overall, I am extremely happy at how it came out. I'm a bit sad at my cam tho >< It really doesn't do my work justice...

I'll try and get some better pics of the whole suit together and show them off the meantime, could I get some feedback on how this looks?

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Dalmatian partial at MFF: Ashes

This was the other suit I made for MFF 2006 for swift_fox, other than my white lion head. It was made to look like a puppy in his teens. The partial included the head, tail, and all paws.

I again forgot to take good quality pictures of him so please bare with me as I have taken the photos from other people's MFF picture collection. Thanks to those who took the pictures.

Here's Ashes, the dalmatian...

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For even more pictures please check here, or look up any MFF 2006 photo archive as I'm sure he'll be in some pictures.
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So I'm making a head with mesh for the first time, and I can't seem to get the jaw to move. I was trying to follow the method used in Matrices' tutorials, but I can't figure out where to put the brads ( wow, I feel dumb because I KNOW it'll be completely obvious ). I've gotten what I THOUGHT was the same method to work in a balaclava head, but I try it on the mesh, and the rubber bands cause the mesh to just bend :/ will it work better when I put the foam in? or am I definately just putting the rubber bands in wrong?

anyway, I do have pictures of the head o: it is a commission of spiritwolven's character Deran

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Also, I have a lot of white fur with black tips, and I really would like to use it for something, but I'm not sure what. What ever it is, though, it'll definately go up on furbid, so any suggestions of what you'd actually buy would be cool too. x3
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