November 30th, 2006

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So I finally started a head yesterday that I hope to finish this time around...

But I have a few questions about fur and furring the mask...

First off, anyone know a good place to get some black and maroon seal fur? (Or even have some they're willing to part with)
I'd also need to know how much I need, does one year of black and a half yard of maroon sound good? (The character I'm making is in my icon...)

I'm also wondering if the duct tape method for making a pattern rips the foam when you're taking it off...

Lastly how do you normally attach the fur to the head, just hot glue, or something else?
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Species suggestions

I got myself a table at FC for this coming year (Wooo!) and shall be selling tails and ears, among other things. So right now I'm trying to get a decent variety of tails to sell. I don't want to waste my time making weird stuff nobody will buy, but neither do I want to have five diffent people ask if I have something and I didn't bring any at all, you know? I'll be doing matching ears for most of these, if time allows, and I hope to have at least a pair or two of hand and foot paws, but those take a lot of time to make, so I might not have any.

Anyhow, I'd like suggestions of popular species. I already have the obvious, but what else will I probably see a good number of?

Things I have already:
Foxes (lots and lots!)
Cats (house cat type, lion type, and a couple of snow leopard type.)
Skunk (just one, it's too huge to bring more!)
Unicorn/weird colored lion/whatever (Yes it's random, but I made a whole batch for a project long ago, and still have some left.)

What am I missing?
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New updated pics......

I apologize for my laziness right now, but I'm just going to post one pic here.

I took away the duct tape, becuase I wasn't liking it, and I had to fix a number of things on it. If you'd like to view the rest of the pics, take a gander at my Gallery on

I'm awaiting for the fur in the mail so that I may finish this awesome Fursuit head of mine. ^_^ <3

-Moon<3 <3 <3