December 1st, 2006

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Commission lists are now open! Just a reminder, I only have a very few slots for next year, so if you want something, please let me know asap.

You will not be added to the list until your 30% is down.

Links: <--- Examples of work and pricing. <--- Commission list.

If you are interested, please contact me via email: chaotic_fox (at)

Thanks for looking!

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what do you wear while making suits?

This conversation came up on the fursuit mailing list the other day. I was cracking up at some of the responses, so I decided to see what other people do as well.

On the list, one person confessed to actually wearing suit parts while working on a new suit. I'm guessing the furry mojo is working on their behalf.

Sometimes I'll wear paw-shaped slippers on my feet, but I need to be able to move freely when I sew. Plus it's really hot under the lights in my sewing studio so anything beyond a t-shirt quickly becomes too much to work in.

Occasionally I'll take some scraps or oops pieces and turn them into a hat or something and wear that while continuing my project. I have one that started out being a onsie footie, and I hemmed it and turned it into a Schiaparelli -esque hat. I even wore it out to dinner later that evening. HA!

My girlfriend typically wears ears and tails all the time, so she's kinda suited-up when we are working together.

So... I'm interested in hearing what other people wear while making a new suit. Do you work the furry mojo and put on your favorite ears and tail? Do your foot-paws operate the machine pedal? Do you wear a suit body while making other things?

Dia, is this too far off topic? ^_^
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I found something interesting for dying fabrics (Blotted out the name and times for privacy reasons)

I've been getting a daily E-mail from Gothic Decor, but, they mentioned something about fabrics, that might prove handy for fursuiters here, I thought I'd share. Hope this helps - Seikatsu_Ni

********@aol. com wrote: Hmmm...I've used the dyes from Dharma numerous times. Good products. I wonder if the things I was dying were a poly/rayon blend, and they just labeled it rayon because there was just a bit of poly in it...but enough to not take the dye properly.

Reayon Dying
Posted by: "***********" ******* ***********
*** *** **, 2006 *:** am (PST)
Could be. Trims from places like Hancock fabrics or other larger chains will have a fiber content on the plastic flat spool the trims are stored on. Heat, proper additives and enough dye & time will do the trick if the fabric is a natural fiber. Rayon is actually a natural fiber, not a synthetic. It's made out of cellulose.
I have found out the hard way that something had a small amount of synthetic in it when we dyed it.
If you have extra, you can cut a piece off of what your going to dye and do a burn test. Use an ashtray or some foil and put a match or lighter to the edge of the fiber. If it melts in a ball or hard droplets it is synthetic. If it turns to ash it is a natural fiber.
Sales people in fabric stores tweak when you pull out a lighter :-)

Fursuit clothes-sizes

I checked in the memories section and didn't see anything about this mentioned so I'll ask it here.

I've seen people wear a hockey jersey, or Hawaiian shirt etc over their full fursuit and I was curious if there was a good way to estimate about how much bigger the clothes would have to be?
Or is it really mostly trial & error?

Thanks for the help :)


for my aussie, both his ears or flopped over, how do you think i should make this out of foam? sketches help since im a visual learner.i get the 1" white morning glory from walmart. and what do you recomend for clsoing seams on multi colored heads? like i glue it down then at the end i leave that ungled to sew up, how would i make it so the seams dont show? i have white medium, gray long, black long and tan long pile furs on the head. and also, how do you fur the head so it looks perfect like latin's? like i mean showing the curves you want it to and stuff like and when you do the pattern for the fur, should i use the tape method or muslin? i have had problems with furring the tape way so what ever lays flat on the fur is what i will do. Kazzo will be the mascot of Shaggy Griffon Book's. Im a writer too.

holla back


Hat stretcher for balaclava heads

I recently purchased a hat stretcher which I think would be great for Balaclava heads, since I tried one on once and found it to be rather tight. the balaclavas in the store tend to be one size fits all and even though I'm not the largest head in the world only a 7 1/8 they were to snug. so I popped the balaclava onto the stretcher and voila not so snug anymore.
Free Image Hosting at

now I'll warn you they only come up on e-bay once in a while and they tend to go well over $200 and many are located overseas so shipping will be quite pricey. right now there is two listed on e-bay from the states which the bidding is currently under $100 hopefully someone can manage to get a cheap one like I did.
these would be perfect for the commission sales so you can size the head to the client without having to make many foam head buddys
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Lion and Tiger heads

I'm not sure whether people have seen this product before but it was new to me so I thought i'd share. Basically I was in a one of those "As Seen On TV" stores today that featured "Safari game trophy heads" that looked like this:

And the interesting thing is that the back was just covered by a cloth and they didn't appear to be stuffed, what i could feel on the underside of the cat's face felt like foam or something. They came in two sizes, the normal size was about 30 bucks and there was large size for 50 bucks - the normal ones looked like they *might* fit over your head or around your face but might be a bit of a squeeze if you are a larger person. The large size was definitely bigger than a person's head but was somewhere between a mascot head and a closer-fitting head. To be clear, i don't know if these ebay auctions are the exact same product I saw in the store, but they did appear to be similar to what i saw. I could go back to the store and ask if i could take some pictures for appropriate size comparison, let me know if anyone is interested.

I know this community is about making your own suits from scratch mainly but i've read about a few people modifying stuffed animals and such for their heads and i thought that if you prefered modifying to making from scratch, these heads could potentially work out quite well. I hope this post is ok, i checked the community guidelines and it didn't seem to say either way so let me know :)

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Very quick post here, both a warning and a resource:

contact lenses. A lot more people are doing "use your own eyes" suits now and might want to make things more interesting by getting some theatrical contacts to spice up the suit. Now, this is all very well and good, but...

do NOT do it without going to an optometrist and getting a fitting/checkup first.

People have done irreparable damage to their eyes, and even gone permanently BLIND from improper and unsupervised use of contact lenses. An optometrist will not only measure the curvature, diameter, pupil size and iris width of your eye, but also show you how to put them in and take them out safely.
Contacts can look fantastic, but NEVER try to order them without the optometrist visit. Your vision is worth the care.

Now the warning's over... go here for the best special effects lenses ever!

The prices may seem exorbitant, but look at any other retailer and their quality and you'll see they're actually some of the best prices around! Also, they do contacts for movies. Very cool.
I'll be getting a custom pair from them soon enough, so I'll be able to show off their awesome work.


EDIT: For those of you who are complete wusses about doctors and things like me, having a contact lens fitting exam thing is like... completely fun! All you do is look into a weird machine thing or two, they put in some UBER FUNKY fluorescent eye drops (which make your eyes GLOW!), tell you what your mesurements are and you're done. No stress!