December 2nd, 2006

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Just wanted to let ya'll know that I got the moving jaw to move finally! It doesn't move well so i'm probably going to exchange the rubber bands for elastic at some point. But I did it by connecting a rubber band to 2 rubber bands on the lower jaw and 1 brad on the mesh piece that goes on my chin. I did that on both sides and it moves kinda well. It's also foamed now except for part of the ears that I still have to finish. I'll have pictures soon!


What can I use to make the peircings for Spooky? On her left ear she has a Tragus, normal Lobe, and Upper Cartilage. On her Right ear she has 2 normal lobe, and an Industrial near the tip of the ear. Finally, a right eyebrow peircing. Any suggestions, tips, hints, clues as to what I van use?? The Industrial is a Barbell going from one side of the ear to the other. The rest of the earrings on the ears are Studs and the Eyebrow is a Curved barbell.

-Moon<3 <3 <3


I just made Kazzo Aussie's handpaws!

they are elbow length and medium white teddy bear from crcrafts. They will attach to the grey bodysuit sleeves with velcro later. i am very proud! i used growly's way of sewing without cutting the paw out of the fur yet. works wonders and i reccomend that to anyone! now i want to add stuffed leather pawpads, how would i go about doing that? they are small circles on the fingers and a dog like pad in the palm. either black or the brown/tan that matches some fur on the head/tail. and should i make the tail stub out of foam and the fur then attach to body or just suff it?


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Red XIII Head Update

I've (more or less) finished the furring of Red. I decided to use my own hair for him and took some pics to see what it looks like.

This is probably the only time on life I have wish for my hair on top to be longer :D I styles it a bit with gel, but I may put styling wax in it when I actually use him, for spikier hair.

I am going to buy some hair extensions to give him some long bangs and to cover up the white elastic visible in the back. Unfortunately, I cannot remove the elastic totally, or the head will fall off :P
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The last pic is to show the slit in the back for my hair to hang out. The neck velcro is open in the pic..

I appreciate any comments on the look and any improvements you may have on this method.

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