December 3rd, 2006


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If this post is too off-topc Dia, please tell me and I'll move it elsewhere, but since it's a more of a set of advice and guidelines I thought it was better off here than anywhere else :)


There are a lot of people who come to this community and see people doing awesome fursuit work, and selling it successfully. When you're just starting out, you've maybe done your first head, or partial, or even a full suit, you've posted it here and gotten a lot of compliments, a lot of people think that they might be able to squeeze in on the action and make a bit of cash selling their work.

In most cases, they're right! Even if you're just starting out you -can- make a little selling your work, but there are a few simple guidelines that I've found - through experience and through reading about the experiencs of others - that might help you out a lot.

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Righto, I think that's enough for today.
Thanks for reading, and hope this helps!
A wolf and a fox...

Black Wolf

Here's a new addition to the collection.

A black wolf partial costume.
Much as a real black wolf, the fur is not exclusively black - there are shades of brown and grey in there as well, and even markings if you look closely.
The paw pads provide a grip almost as good as your own fingers. The green eyes were made up especially for him.
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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Growly the Bear Fullsuit Pics

I've had my Growly fullsuit done for a while, but only just now got a chance to take photos of it. :)
These aren't the best photos, the light was starting to fade and my dad kind of cropped a lot of things poorly, so I really want to do a better photoshoot outside sometime.

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I am planning to take Growly to Furry Weekend Atlanta in February, as well as one other suit that has yet to be decided upon. :)