December 4th, 2006


Website is up n' running.

Had to get a new website due to a number of reasons; and here it is for those who're interested. The gallery section is going to be divided into fursuits and sculpture over the next week, once I get through with final exams. I'm debating throwing up a tutorials section, but I don't think its' going to happen.
Much tidier name, I like to think. 


Zombie furs?

Hey there, I was wondering if anyone on here has ever made a suit of an undead fursona? My fursona has quite a bit of stitches about his body, and was just wodnering it something like a thick black yarn should be used, or what in place. (He has stitches that go around his head, and then in places like on his paws and back and tail). Also, on the note of the same character, his eyes are solid blocks of colors, and don't have iris/pupil definition. If I were to have let's say, this suit commissioned, do you think that would be a problem? Thanks in advance!

Azzy New Default

In Need of Orange and Purple Fur.

Hey there, really new on the scene here... Looking to make a partial bat suit!
Thing is, I'm really funny colours... Orange and purple.
And... I live in absolute NOWHERE. Like, 2.5 hour drive to the nearest city with any sort of fabrics store... And I have no car and no driver's license, I depend on someone else for that. And he's not too into driving about every day.
So here's the deal... I have a little bit of money in my PayPal, about $30 or so. If you have some orange or purple fur, please drop me a line. Perhaps you can ship it to me or whatever and I can PayPal you the cash.
I live in Manitoba, Canada. Outside of Winnipeg.

Here's ref for what I'm trying to do here:
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furring the jaw?

Hello again everyone. I finished the adjustments to my Corgi pup's head, thank you to those who commented. It looks a lot better I think. (sorry I haven't had a chance to get any pics of the changes)

I'm going to set aside some time this week to begin the furring process on my corgi pup's head. I'm curious as to how I'm supposed to fur the moving jaw? I imagine the fur fabric wrinkling up funny when the jaw opens/closes. So I'm curious how to avoid something like that. Do I fur it in the closed or open position? Or do I fur it as a seperate piece?

I want to say I read something on this topic before, but I couldn't seem to dig it up in the memories. So I'm sorry if this post is redundant.

Edited for clarity.

paws done!

yesterday i finished up my first pair of knee length footpaws and elbow handpaws! they pads are suede/pleather glued on tight. i shaved the fur first with my dog's shaver hehe. i love them so much and in the cold weather here in maryland its very comfy outside minus the wind chill. the footpaws i am soo proud of.

i am wearing the suit peices but prefer not to show my face, XD. i am wearing his collar too, the blue bone tag reads "KAZZO".



Constructive criticism?

This post is mainly directed to Diadexxus and the mods of this community.

Since this community has evolved over the span of its existence from pretty much the only place to post pictures of you and your fursuiting escapades to a community devoted almost exculsively to construction and advice, I was wondering if I could have some clarification on whether constructive criticism should be offered in posts even if it's not specifically asked for?

I'm in two minds over it... I mean, if you post a finished suit here just to show it off because you're proud as punch, and you're hammered with criticisms instead of compliments, it's not nice, always a bit disheartening.
However, it does mean that people think there's something that could be improved, and are trying to suggest ways that you could improve so that this suit and future suits will look much better.

So, I was just wondering, if you really want to just show off your suit and aren't happy to receive criticism then should you post it to fursuitlounge instead of here?

I'd just like this clarified, as speaking completely honestly I've seen some things that I'd really like to give some constructive criticism to but felt far too threatened by all the positive comments and the backlash against myself if I don't agree with the majority that it's the image of perfection.
Also, I know other people in this community feel the same way.

I know that the community honestfurcrits exists for people who -really- want to know what they can do to improve, but since this community -is- about construction, and not just praising construction...

If a post doesn't specifically ask for crits, should we just keep out mouths shut?

Apologies for the tone of this post, but I am just rather sick of having to sugar-coat everything to avoid being pinned as a nasty elitist b*tch. I post my own work here rather than in fursuitlounge because I'm not actively trolling for either compliments or criticism, but wouldn't mind getting either. Is that right, or should I just leave and not bother?

For my own full reasoning, please go here:
If discussion is going to happen in a big way, I'd prefer not to spam up this community any more.


Great Resource

I thought that I would share something that I've found endlessly useful : Van Dyke's Taxidermy Catalog.

It's free, and full of pictures of animal forms, jawsets, eyes, horns, etc. The forms are nice because it gives you a good idea of the structure underneath an animal's fur, which is what you're trying to create when you make the base of a head or paws. I always use it as a reference whenever I'm making something animal-like.

Here's the link. Just give them your address and they'll send it for free :)
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chunky curly tails?

Thanks! I think I have what I was looking for!

So I've looked through all the memories and couldn't find this anywhere so I'm gonna ask.

Does anyone know a good pattern for chunky (toony?) curly canine tails? Like a husky tail with a top color and white on the underside, but chunky enough to stand up with just polyfill in it? I've made husky tails before, but they had wire in them to help the curl. I think I've seen LatinVixen make tails like I'm trying to describe.

It doesn't have to be a printable pattern or anything. Just a break down of what shapes go into making the tail and possibly where the darts would go.



The mammoth's finally done, and I've tweaked the colouring in photoshop to look at least CLOSE to the colour it actually is!
That head's really heavy because of the trunk, but it's got a wedge that pushes against your chin so you can lift the head up quite high and wave it around a bit (slowly of course, like a mammoth should be!). The trunk is poseable as it has wire in, but is stuffed only lightly so it's also very huggable. Vision's not the best - you can't see right in front of you, but the eyes themselves are very easy to see through.

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It's up on FurBid, too. I'll be giving a snake a home with the proceeds :)