December 5th, 2006

Leopardess suit

Another one done! Well not entirely - I made a couple of measurement cock-ups (limbs too short, ack!), but they'll be getting all fixed, at least.

This is probably the most ambitious suit I've made to date. The body features a padded undersuit (nothing dramatic, just a bit of foam to make the shape a bit more feminine) and each one of those spots was hand painted. I think I went insane! But I'm fairly pleased with the final result.

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Furring diagrams

We're all most likely familiar with the tape pattern method of furring. I've seen one or two people ask exactly where to cut the tape, though, so I decided I'd do a couple of sketches to show just how I do it. You might find you prefer to use a different layout, but I figured I'd show how I do it in case anyone was confused, and because it's so much easier to describe with pictures. There are two diagrams here, one for furring the head, the other for the foot.

Hopefully you can decipher my terrible handwriting... oh yeah, and you will probably find that you need to dart the pieces when they're cut out. I didn't indicate where they should go, though, because the exact position will be dependant on the head itself. I did show them on the toes, though, if only because they're pretty much invariable unelss you have some weird shape.

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'ello, it's me again. This time I'm back with a slightly more detailed list of what I'm hoping to make for my AC'07 fursuit.

Like I said before, I've never tried to make a fursuit before, so I need all the help I can get. Suggestions, comments, things to change/improve, those sort of things.
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So that's about it, any suggestions/comments/critics on it? I have no idea how to start putting it together, but I figure that if I get the design right before new years, I can start working on getting everything together around january/febuary, and hopefully have it done by at least may.
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Drying Plaster

I heard something about drying plaster of paris faster by putting it in the microwave or oven... is this true? Anyone know any techniques for faster drying times?

EDIT: Please only reply if you can actually answer my question. No, I'm not making heads with plaster, please do NOT tell me something else to use. All I need to know is how I can speed up plaster's drying time. THANK YOU.
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