December 6th, 2006

Beetle Autumn

Red XIII Hair

Hate to brings that back up so quickly, but I bought some hair extensions for my RED XIII costume and I'd adore any tips about applying them.

Should I just punch in the hair all around the slit in the back, and then style it after? Or divide the hair into bangs and try to somehow keep it together in the same place...

The hair is not loose but the one end is sewn to a length of cording. Should I just glue it instead?

How do I style in those long, sticky-up bangs? Hair wax?

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I have never used synthetic hair for anything in my life before (heck, I hardly even style my *own* hair) so any/all advice is appreciate regarding how to approach this project.


I'm doing a satyr costume, designed after the World of Warcraft Satyrs... Have how I'm going to do everything down, excpet how I'm going to do the Horns. I've made Sculpey and FIMO Horns before and that method works great for smaller horns, however when the horn is around a foot or so long... Sculpey and FIMO would be a bit heavy. Need them to be fairly light weight and very durable... any tips or How to's out there????

Shiny Shoes!

Yes, that's right people, the long awaited "Shiny Shoes" for my raccoon mascot is complete. The shoes are red vinyl, white vinyl for the markings. The base is actual boot rubber. (not cheap stuff!)

Here are a few photo's of the completed shoes...

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Though these shoes were proto-types made for my coon-suit, they will most likly be available on the business site for sale shortly. Expect to dish out $300-$500cnd for a pair.
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Looking to make or buy a fursuit

Hello. I want to MFF. it was my first furry con. and i have to say it was great. I loved all the fursuits there. I saw so many great suits there and i just have to get me one. Buy do i make my own or buy one? I want my suit to be one of a kind. can anyone give me any good info about it?

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