December 7th, 2006



Okay... now, this is a very odd post, because I'm drugged to the eyeballs and can't sleep, so I've decided to write a tutorial in the hopes that I'll be so stuffed by the time it's done I'll be able to drop off.

Now! I want to do a footpaw tute, and there are three kinda of footpaw I'll do a tute for:

The slipper kind (but since I don't have slippers I'll just make one from foam, same thing)
The all-foam mascot kind
The small, sewn kind (little or no foam)

Or heck, if you can think of another kind of feet that you'd like to see a tutorial for, I'll stay up all night making the feet and taking pictures. (ooh, woozy...)

So, I'll wait here for a little while, see if anyone comments with what they'd like to see, then I'll go ahead and do it. *wobble*

EDIT: YAY! still up...
Also, I see people keep asking for particular species feet, but... well, they can all be done exactly the same way, just with different carvings! I'll do a comparison on the slipper feet I'm doing, show how they could be either a hoof or a paw. The important part is the base, how you carve your toes is up to you!

Hopefully a Simple Question

I'm planning on making my first head with a plastic mesh frame. I know that yarn tends to be used to keep the pieces together, but I do have two questions about the yarn. Yup, that artist anality is kicking in ^-^

Firstly, what type of yarn works best/is the most durable? Does anyone have a preferred brand or type of yarn that they use? I also crochet so I have extra yarn about and was looking at the thickness of a few types and wondering which thickeness would work best

Second, what method is used to thread the yarn through the holes? Is there a specific tool that must be used or is it just threaded with fingers? I have embroidery needles but am not sure if that will work well.

Sorry for not having a concept sketch up yet. Thank you for your patience
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What do you think?

Well I've finished the Furring, the nose, and Mouth, now tell me what you think?? Keep in mind that I am still fixing a few spots and I haven't applied the Peircings just yet.

-Moon<3 <3 <3

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Plaster Update

I tried the plaster in oven thing and it worked like a charm. :) My plaster is still a little damp to the touch, but it is drier, and I was still able to cast a mold with it.
And man... I must say I am extremely pleased with these new molds. I casted some teeth for a jawset, as well as an opossum nose, as seen below.

I think the latex may have cured a little faster because I poured it in the mold right after I took it out of the oven- it was still very warm. I think I'll start doing that every time I have something to cast, heat up the plaster beforehand.

Anyways, the other half of the jawset is curing right now. Thanks for your help you guys!
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which grey would look best with the white paws i made earlier? and on this sketch which would look better in the suit?

paws: the fur is medium white


fur #1:

fur #2:

i like the first alot, but im worried it will be too short and throw it off, i dont have that much money for fur, barely enough for this 4 yrds.



2 fursuits in progress

well i acctually have 3 in progress, the third one is a weasel for a commisioner but i have pictures of these two. Mine and my boyfriends.

Spirit is a wolf...

And Valerius is a dragon (i only have his upper jaw completed at the moment. the rest will be finished tonight)

i hope to make jawsets for both of these and they will have taxidermy eyes. the wolf head still needs some work on his ears and i have to add that peice around his eye but other than that he is finished. these will be finished partials come christmas