December 9th, 2006


I'm getting my fur tomorrow! I decided instead of going with my own fursona right now i'm going to do a pink and white kitty cat. Well either pink or something of that general nature. I finally got the head foamed. It still needs some work but I'm hoping to do that after i get the fur tomorrow.

Its a bad picture but i was using a crappy camera and crappy lighting so please forgive me. That was the best shot I had.

Foam carving tools

So as I've seen, most of us just starting out in the fursuit building realm use a combination of scissors and x-acto knives to carve and shape the foam.

I, for one, can say I absolutely ABHOR using scissors. Picking up a pair of the sharpest embroidery scissors I've ever seen did help a great deal, but... it takes a LOT of practice.

I was up watching American Hot Rod the other night (because I'm one of those butch girls who wants nothing more than a Chevy with a Hemi), and they were showing the guys who do all the upholestery. And I leaned close and paid attention, just to see what they use to shape their foam.

I was amazed at how easy this device sliced through the foam: it looked like an electric carving knive. Perhaps a Saws-All of some sort, I'm not sure.

I'm curious: has anyone ever tried using such a device to sculpt their foam? If so, what were the results? Was is easier to manipulate? And what exactly is this magical device called? Because it's making me think about asking for a "Saws-All" for Christmas, just to experiment with. (Or another similar device.)
Seabert C:

Need some fur suggestions... and feel like showing off my next costume idea :3

So, my next project will be a suit of Glowsheep the harp seal...

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Short white fur for face-
Everyone keeps telling me "don't use short pile, don't use short pile. Get seal fur." and from pictures seal fur looks REALLY short and not fluffy at all! D: My friend Lin's fursuit (, which is the only suit I've touched IRL that has fur about the fluffiness I think I want. I also like the length of the fur on most of Jax's heads (, which to me looks like short pile when you see it at the store, pre-ruffled up. The thing is, I do NOT want to screw around with shaving/trimming/whatever on my fur.

Longer pink fur for hair-
There's so many kinds of fur out there and I'm just overwhelmed @_@ Shaggy or long pile?
I plan on making little fur pigtails with velcro hidden at the bottom to stick on to the head, so the fur-hair on the head will be styled around to go in the direction of where I place them. Meaning, the fur has to let me brush it in different directions and be long enough to look like hair. I do not want to use a wig or fake hair, I want it to look sort of like the hair poofs on this as far as length.

Anyone have any suggestions of what will likely "go wrong" with my design? Any major pitfalls/tips regarding making little hair poofs and on using a shorter fur for the face? Just from looking at my illustrations are there any major problems that I just wouldn't recognise? XD

Thanks a BUNCH to everyone who helps me out!