December 10th, 2006

First fursuit...

Hello! I am a long time lurker, first time poster here. Might as well give you an introduction. My name is AJ but you can call me Jolitz or whatever and I´m 14 years old, and I have no fursuiting experience, but I love costuming, so I thought 'Hey, I wanna try a shot at this.' so for my 'test fursuit' I am working on one of my wolf characters. My first time sewing too, and geez it took a while. I think I am immune to hot glue burns now. I just thought I would show you what I have so far before my birthday comes along (Dec 19).

Images under cut
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I´ll keep you updated when I get onto major progression. But for your entertainment, I decided to dance in the head.. . badly.

For my next one I plan to make my tiger fursona Devvo:
For Anthrocon 07 (yaaaay).

Looking forward to make some new LJ friends ! Laters.

Rub-a-dub-dub, fursuit from the tub?

They say you usually get ideas in the shower, and I think I got one, heh!

I have this chronic need to be different and try something a little peculiar, and I've never seen this done before. I was drying my hair off and I stopped for a second to look at my towel. Certainly towels are not furry, but they do have a neat texture, particularly a fluffy new towel.

I haven't decided quite yet but I'm thinking of making a fursuit, using terry cloth towels for the fur. I'd appropriately name her "Terry" and she'd be a partial, wearing pajama bottoms and a terry cloth robe, probably carrying a rubber duck and a regular towel as well (because anyone who's read Hitchiker's Guide knows you should always have a towel) I'm picturing something of a walking, life-sized 'bath buddy' toy like kids get sometimes, lol.

Not sure if I'm going to go through with it but so far I like the idea, it's an opportunity for a fursuit with a little character, if you know what I mean. ^^ I'd have to be careful with seams, of course, but a little patience and that should be easy enough to accomplish.

I have no idea what kind of species she's going to be though! I'd like to steer clear of the obvious (fox, wolf) and try for something lesser-known (badger, hedgehog?) but obviously, since towels are not fluffy, it can't be overly poofy (no persian cats I guess, lol) Towels come in ALL colors so it's tempting to be a little silly with the colors (blues or greens like water, perhaps.)

Does anybody have any ideas?

Or does anybody want to tell me what a silly idea this is and that I should just quit now? XD

help needed!

ok, so im using fatkraken's tutorial. I have to use 1" foam and build up, thats no problem.
but with this muzzle, the top, what do i need to do to make it look better? i want it to look like spirit_wolven's dog muzzle that shes making now.

can someone show me what to add/subract or do i have to start the muzzle over? and do you glue the bottom jaw directly over the elastic? i want to do this right the first time. the stubs are so the ears perk up, i know what to do for them.


Happy Bat


Hello everyone!

I just finished this fursuit for my lover. He is an austrialian shepard. The suit features a moveing jaw and digi-grade legs. I'll also be makeing a collor for him soon.

So here is a picture followed by the gallery for his suit. You can also access the rest of my gallery there, though most of those suits are much older.

I chose a sideview to show the legs, which work very flently and look very real. He and I both are amazed by the ammount of comments the suit gets, especially the legs. He is bending slightly in the picture but mostly that is the leg style. There are better pictures in the link. I still need to double stich the seams and he has to buy the rest of the claws, but it's finished otherwise. The ears are awsome, they have weights in them so they flop about alot.

Here is the gallery with some pictures of him in the not finished legs and head and the progress head.

His suit has velcro for the frount and zips up below that. It works very well, one cannot even see the seam and he loves it!

So I'm going to be takeing a total of two commissions. I will only take one at a time and it should take me no more than a month to finish the suit, though it could take up to two months it could also take as little as two weeks.

The suit will be basic, includeing a moveing jaw and an included coller. Digigrade legs will be extra, as listed below, as well as a few more extras. If you would like to make an order please send an e-mail to be at or reply here.

Commission prices:
Basic suit includeing coller and moveing jaw: $400 for up to three tones. Additional fur tones are $30 a tone.

Basic suit plus digigrade: $450 for up to three tones. Additional fur tones are $30 a tone.

Basic suit plus digigrade and musclesuit: $500-550 for up to three tones. Additional fur tones are $30 a tone.

I will also take these:
Half suit: Includes tail, hands, feet, and head: $250 for up to four tones. Additional fur tones are $30 a tone.

Head with moveing jaw Only: $150.

Any other fursuit items can be inquired about, right now those are the only things I am offering a deal on.

Thank you everyone for looking!

P.S. Sorry if you are seeing this more than once. Cross posted a cupple times.

Concept Sketch

After a few attempts I have finally figured on a design for my first demi suit. I shall albino platypus. The fur is not going to be a complete white, but more of a cream colour. I had some fur left over from a previous costume and didn't know what to do with it. I haven’t mentioned my idea because I have a superstition/paranoia that if you mention a costume idea to another costumer someone, somewhere will make that costume before you do and it will be better then yours. I hope the picture is not too big.....

Let's hear it for no scanner!
Concept Sketch

I didn't have any cream coloured gel pens, so I "shaded" in a yellow just to show some contrast between the head and the paper. I will be playing with the fabrics inside the mouth. The will most likely be varying shades of pink. There are no feet planned at this time since I went through a few designs before saying "Screw it!" and just concentrating on the head, gloves, and tail. I didn't want the suit to be totally toony, but I know for this one I wasn't going to be able to do realism. I haven't thought of a definite way to attach the tail. I will see how it's constructed and start making decisions then.

Any thoughts, foresight, or warnings?
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