December 11th, 2006

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I finally finished my first ever fursuit head.. She's a pink tabby cat. I used pink and white for most of it with a black trim. There will be pictures tomorrow because its 5:30 am and i'm exhausted.



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question for building.

does this fur:
match this fur:
enough to use the first on the body and tail and the second on the head? would it blend or stand out horribly? i want the second, but its too expensive for 4 yards. and is the first fur enough for my bodysuit design?


Yet anothe fur post

Gah, I know this community gets by far too many fur posts. But I contribute :3

What's the difference between 'cubby' and 'shortpile' fur as portrayed on the CRS crafts website? Which one is better? What are the pros and cons?

- Springy :3


Okay..i checked the memories and they didnt have a section on beaks i thought i would throw this out there. For my final art history project, im making a Horous mask, and some pointers would be awesome. I have never made a bird mask before. Also, i need to know what i should do to make it a 'your own eyes' type. Please help, im a n00b with birds and realism.

Distinctive Fabric

Anyone fancy being a proxy for me to obtain fabric from DF? They won't ship to the UK at the moment, but stock some quality stuff that I'd like to be able to get my paws on.

All (reasonable) expenses will be covered and payment for services will be available in the form of fursuit odds and ends specially made!