December 12th, 2006

A wolf and a fox...


Anyone in North CA need Styrofoam? I have a lot of offcuts that need a home. A good few hundred dollars worth currently taking up the whole back of a truck. Many assorted shapes and sizes, all 4 inches thick.
Great for making costumes, props etc. Which why i'm guessing it is ok to post here. Let me know if not.

Free to good home, but you need to come get them. I'm in the East Bay. I'll need to get rid of them soon, so let me know asap!

Here are some shapes I cut from it. You would be getting the inverse of these. :P

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Does anyone know if there's a fur that us longer than 3 inches? Any color, though white or rainbow would be nice. My friend wants it for a mowhawk on a head. We tried a method of basically making a stuffed mowhawk-shape and putting it on top to look like hair, and while it looked cut on a hat, she wants something a little more convincing for a head.

If we can't find anything like that, does anyone have any suggestions for mowhawks? o_o; like, really big ones. <- that's the look she's trying to get, if it helps

I'd find some pictures of the hat we made, but I don't appear to have any o__o;