December 13th, 2006

Minschier Gilmore

Big Ol' Bunny

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I've been asked a lot of questions about my magic rabbit costume from MFF. Since I didn't do any walk-around at MFF in this costume, (he only appeared in the FVS) I thought I'd post pix of Ta-Dah so that people could see him, and I could explain how he works.
Ta-Dah is an inflatable suit, meaning he has no traditional padding. I wear an inflatable suit under-neath the fur. The outer fursuit has the rabbit shape sewn in, so the inflatable suit assumes that shape as air is added.
Here is the suit at "regular" size.

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You know that mesh that everyone seems to use for fursuit eyes?
Like these here.

What is it and where can it be bought? I used cheesecloth for my mask's eye holes, (i'm not actually using this for eyes, the eyes of the mask are above where i have to look out.) because i couldn't find anything better at craft stores here, but at AC this year i discovered that it created too much glare and i had to rip it off in order to see.

I'm assuming that visibility must be adequate with this mystery mesh, since it is widely used. Tips would be appreciated, thanks!
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