December 14th, 2006

SUPER happy

Vixen Head

Vixen head has been made WOO! She turned out really well. The photo's really don't do her justice.

Look out for a couple of more costumes including my own of Oz (finally) Including a special "Puffy" body version, very comical indeed. Also a suit that will be shown after FC (Due to customers request).

I'll be honest, i'm really chasing another commission, right now. I'm about to travel to the US and would really like an extra commission to cover the cost of attending and extra con (FWA). So if anyone is interested, and you get in now, you'll be in the No.1 spot for production when I return. *looks all cute* pweeeaase.

Thanks people!

Stay cool!
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Elastic on Balaclava

I recently got a Balaclava mask from the Mail, from the oh so nice GingerVixen, and Ive been trying to get the Elastic to work. It does work but its a little tight and tends to slip up my lower lip.

Is this usual or did I make it too tight? Or does it suppose to be tight when your not talking all together?