December 16th, 2006


Fursuit reference art

(follow-up from a post by beetlecat, hope it helps you out!)


Just thought I'd give a heads-up in these communities about fursuit reference art - you can get it from a HUGE amount of artists and their work is almost always impeccable. A little time and a some money, and you've got yourself a lovely reference for either yourself or a fursuiter to work from.

Anyway, a little idea if you're strapped for cash whilst saving it all for that big commission, or all those materials, don't feel you could draw it yourself and don't have a cracker of an artist for a best friend...

I do simple sketchy reference sheets for free. It's not as good as anything you'd pay for (obviously) but it it REALLY fast (most of it's done in ten minutes, maybe twenty at the most) and can be done whilst chatting on IM about details.
Couple of examples so you know what I mean:

And how it works from design to finish: >>>

... so you can see I do it a lot, and don't mind going back and changing bits and pieces around.
I can also do character clothing, and accessories... like these robes
(please don't copy these, they're part of one of my own characters and I'd be a very sad Falli.)

So, yes! Free reference doodles. Simple colour or B/W for you or someone else to colour, and pretty much whatever you ask for.

Now... as I've been a little swamped with this kind of request in the past...
1) Only ask me to do it if you've actually got a character/species idea in mind.
2) Only for fursuit-related doodles, I don't do requests or commissions because I'm not good enough to get paid for it.
3) As I'm not getting anything out of this myself, if it's taking me far too long or you're being too picky, I'll just give you what I've done so far and politely decline to work on it any more.
4) I -will- redo a sketch completely if you're noy happy with it, but not without you telling me EXACTLY where I went wrong. The more detail you give the better the concept.


Now that part's over... People! can we get a list of good fursuit reference artists out here? I think this is a part of the community that needs expansion as without a goopd concept for the suit you're going to make all you've got is a pile of fur and no clue what to do with it.

I'd suggest having a big post that all reference artists (might have to tell them about this if you know some personally as they might not read this comm) can 'sign up' on, as it were, with a couple of examples of their work and their pricing, which could eventually be noted on the front page, or just have the post added to memories.

Anyway, idea. :)

EDIT: And guys... thanks for the compliments and all, but they're really not what I'm after. I'm not a 2D artist anymore anyway... The point of this post is that I might be able to help you or a friend out with concept art if they're strapped for cash, but more importantly, that we should have a list of concept artists (much better than me!) that people can commission for fursuit designs.

Thanks though, does make me a bit happier :)