December 19th, 2006


Fursuit Facelift

I hauled the first fursuit head I ever made out of my closet last night and gave it a facelift in hopes of getting rid of it. I'm tired of opening my closet and seeing a giant blob of pink and purple. Behind the cut is before and after pictures. :)

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Ight ya'll, the legendary Kazzo is done! Well, he will become a fullsuit in mid Febuary. as of now, hes a partial in time for my xmas party! yes, i hate the drawing i did on the smile, that is being replaced with felt before xmas, just no pics. i changed the nose to match my drawing and liking more. his eyes are shiney and meant to be small, good vision. he fits perfect and i dont have to make a slit to get in anymore! =P i am overly proud of this, my parents are amazed. i machine sewed most of the markings, then slipped it over like a sock, glued tight, added details and done! i will take this long and do this in the future. thanks to everyone who helped me in the construction stages. he wouldn't have made it without you! and thanks to my dog, Murphy. shes an english springer spaniel mixed with and aussie. so she helped with fur laying and real life looks. next suit, the remake of my drake bodysuit, and Murphy fullsuit!

onto the pics:
Tail shot!:

merry xmas Aussies and furries!

~Shaggy Griffon
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Foxy Loooove

Okay. Yea, here I am again inquiring about my darlin' fox fursuit I am gonna make. I need some questions answered.

1) I am a relatively small fur. 100lbs and 5'2 I want to make a full fursuit, slightly baggy yet not overly so to hide my frame. (Male character yet I have a female body ATM) How many yards of fur should I get for the body, head, everything in total?

2) Body pattern. Does anyone have a relatively simple (with piccies) how-to for bodies? I am thinking of using old PJ pants and top and sewing the fur onto that and using it as a patter but I dunno if that will work. I dun wanna feel the nasty fur backing against my body while in suit and I dun wanna wear full clothes cause, this will be mainly worn in the summer.

3) Fur length. I am at a complete loss here. How long should the pile for the head, body, paws, tails (he has two) ect. I am going to need white and red fur in the same length so if anyone can direct me to some lovely white and crimson fur it would be nice. Nothing OVERLY expensive but I want some nice fur (I am not paying for it. Haha)

4) How should the two tails attach into the body suit? Should I make two seperate tails with beltloops, wear a belt or something and the just attach them through the suit or what? This is obviously my first full suit and I am a total n00b when it comes to it.

5) Can anyone do me a free make-up of the character? Front, back, side, paws, ect. I have no idea how to do the pawpads and though I drew my own little sheet, it is crap because I am not that great of an artist and it would be nice to have a more accurate fox drawing to go on than mine because in my opinion the character looks too fox-like.

6) Any other tips and hints ya wanna give me for this. All comments and suggestions would be LOVELY.

Sincerely and many many thanks,
Skittle T. Furfag
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JoAnns wont restock *sobs*

In my city, the JoAnns just recently (probably 6 months ago or so) relocated into a larger location, however I am sad to discover that it now carries one tenth of the variety of furs that it once had, and at that, once the whole roll of fur is sold, they do not restock it. In their ordering catalogs they only have the shag fun fur, and only in black and white. I have repeatedly asked about them restocking their furs and they respond in a way that makes me think that either they don't know how to submit an order for more, or that it simply isn't a top priority to them.

Does anyone have any experience with JoAnns or similar craft stores? Are they simply not restocking because they can't business-wise or is this just a matter of neglecting to? Even though they are overpriced, it's much safer (in my mind) to buy a fur that you can physically feel and see, than risking an online order.


Just an update.

Well I have got the eyes mounted in my boyfriends dragon head and it is already almost fully furred.... and yes i am furring it. a very short pile fuzzy fleece i found that was very soft and i really thought it would be the best for his suit. so far it is coming out really well. I will get pictures to you all once it is done.

Also in terms of my spirit fursuit I will have that done withing a week of finishing my spirit costume. i already have his tail finished and his hand cut out. once i am done with Valerius's tail with the spikes i will take the left over fleece and make it into the pawpads. lol... then i will get to work on my head. well that is my update for you all... pictures coming soon

my partial!

Oh yeha! I forgot I was going to post pics of my suit. She was debuted at Furry bowling in chicago this weekend. I haven't really decided on a name for her yet. I might have another one ready by the LAFF NYE party!
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an issue of balance

Just this evening, I made this set of gazelle ears/horns. It looks great and all, but because the horns are so tall, they are really unstable. Moving my head ever so slightly causes them to fall.

Here's a picture of what they look like now:

What can I do to make them stay on better? I'm thinking a hat is the only way...

If only they were as easy as making hats...
Gil Head
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I know this isn't strictly on topic, but I think it's close enough. If not, I suppose it will be deleted.

As some of you may or may not know, I have been the owner of for a number of years. I've never managed to make any viable use of this domain, mainly due to lack of time to do much with it. I'd like to see it used for something, so am making an offer to the fursuit community.

If you have any interest in setting up something on, related to construction, performance, or other aspects of fursuiting, let me know. I can provide the domain and a machine to run any systems on. I still like the idea of a Wiki, and if someone would like to tackle that, I'll even give some technical support. I'm offering this, as I think it's a crime to let this thing idle like it is, so ask nothing in return.

If you're interested, drop me a line or reply here.