December 21st, 2006

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Oh, right

What do you do if the part of your sewing machine that holds the needle randomly falls off? O_o
I don't mean the needle itself... the whole piece that holds the needle, with the screw and the little thread loop thing. That whole metal piece fell off.
It seems it used to be connected to this perfectly smooth pole... but I can't even fit it back on that pole, and there are no notches or anything to make it fit a certain way. It's just a totally smooth surface.
The screw on the needle holder only adjusts the part that's actually holding the needle, not the part that connects to the rest of the sewing machine.

The instruction manual made no mention of taking this piece off and on, so I am naturally very worried that I just broke my rather nice machine.

A little help???
Kit my other fursona


I was recently given the task of repairing/cleaning and modifying a local high school's lion mascot (that's pretty much what i do for a living--mascoting, mascot repairing etc).

I have all the stitching and cleaning done, but as for the modifying needs to be done still. What they have asked for is that I stick in some mesh netting in the head so folks don't see the performer, and so the jaw is static so the mesh cannot be easily torn when folks tug at the jaw.

I have the mesh handy, but the only way I can make this work is if the mask's moving jaw becomes static (not-movable). That's a tough accomplishment considering the entire head is made of foam.

Here's what it looks like. It's a foam mask made from Alinco.

What should I use to get the jaw to stop moving and stay still? And what sort of adhesive should i use to keep the mesh in place? Hot Glue, Silicon Caulking, or Shoo Goo?

Thanks a bunch
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Hey everyone.

I'm scrapping my Red XIII costume idea (beetlecat has the Red XIII situation well under control) and I'm replacing it with a costume no one has had time to do yet, Link as a wolf from Twilight Princess. I'm fairly sure that I can pull this off alright. The most frustrating part about planning it and gathering the materials is that I can't tell what color the fur is! In promotional pictures, it's dark grey. In gameplay, it's medium grey and sometimes green! :( I've got some fur picked out and the swatches coming in the mail soon. But what I'm a little confused about is his mane...

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P.S. Did you guys know that VanDyke's makes custom glass eyes!? I found out yesterday. Just thought I'd share. :)
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