December 23rd, 2006

cooling system upgrade

Well I had somone send me a Fursuit head they needed a fan system installed into
because they were dying of heatstroke all the time. Here is the link to the build and installation
of his fan system.

also new pictures of Me in my full costume for the Larp I play


Fox Fursuit

I have finally decided to invest in my very first fursuit project. It'll either be a silver fox or a normal, brown fox depending on fabric costs. The eyes will be my own since I don't really feel like messing with eyes and I am somewhat anti-cartoon eyes with my concepts.

Here's the Collapse )

Thanks for any help! I'm super-excited about this project, and a touch nervous. Hehehe..
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First fursuit.

Fursuit update.

Haha... I got my bf's dragon suit done. And I have pictures... unfortunatly i am wearing it so it is much to big and the jaw hangs a little lose on me... However that doesn't matter. Here you go...

On a sadder note I did not finish my own fursuit intime for christmas this year. But it will be done for July 4th. Yipee...
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