December 26th, 2006


Red-tipped white fur

Does anyone know where I can get DECENT white fur with red tips? I dun mean bright red tips but something like this ? If not, how would you suggest cheaply making red streaks in white fur without making it all blahhh?

Sorry about my horrid use of words. I am finding it harder and harder to grasp the words I need.

Skittle T. Furfag

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Okay so this is my first head on a ski mask...and I love it. It looks much better in person. the vision is amazing good and its so soft. But...should it have toony eyes or taxedermy eyes? And how can I capture it better in photos? Also I made this as an experiment and I want to sell it. Sooo keep that in mind.
And last question I swear! What kind of tail should i make for it? Low and swinging or husky like?
  • blinque

I need A LOT of Help!...Pwease? x3

I don't expect people to read through all of this. xD But lending a few tips on a section or two of it would help me GREATLY! Thanks!

First off, I'd like to offer a tiny bit of character reference. It's uncolored, but I have colors listed. ^^

I have VERY LITTLE MONEY... D: So any suggestions should be semi-cheap ones. u.u It's sad my first fursuit has to be incredibly low-budget, but there's nothing I can do about that. ^^;

Head - For the head I'm taking the mesh approach, and adding foam for structure. I'll be buying the mesh sheets from Walmart and getting 'em together by sewing through the mesh with thick yarn. Just to be sure, I might add glue so it doesn't fall apart. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a closed mouth, for simplicity, and the fact that I don't have a lot of money, and sculpey and paint for the teeth, tongue and gums (even if it's only like $5 more, is money I cannot spare), so any advice on how to make it look right with a shut mouth would be greatly appreciated!

Face - For the whiskers, I'll be using thin fiber-optic cables. The tiny ones you'd see on one of those color-changing lights. :3 That way, they'll be clear like usual feline whiskers. If anybody else has done whiskers before, and has any suggestions or other ideas, I'd really appreciate hearing them. For the eyes, I've heard about mesh, although I think that'd be rather obvious. I've heard about another material that works well, but I don't remember the name. If you think you know, how much it'll cost me, and where I can buy it from would be some very appreciated information! :3 The nose? I'm thinking about just doing a slightly toony-triangle nose, I think I have some model-magic lying around, and some black and clear nail polish to put over it to give a shinier effect, however I'd like to hear about any other methods as well.

Horns - I'd like to make them out of material and stuff them. 'Plush Horns'. Color? Anything bright and vibrant, preferrably neon colors. If anybody knows of any material remotely similar to velvet (or very, very shiny), please let me know. ^^ I think I've seen something about 'Lame Fabric' on one of the forums, as they look very shiny. :3 However, I'm trying to find materials I can buy at the local Jo-Anne fabrics or Michaels or Walmart, since as said before, I have very little money and shipping is rediculous.

Claws - I want to put claws on the paws. :3 I was thinking about ordering plastic ones online (with holes pre-punched so I can lace it through the inside of the finger). Any other sturdy way to go about this? How do you furs make your claws, and what do you use? ^^ If all else fails, I might use the same material I'd use for the horns to make the claws plush as well. (Hey, it'd be different, right? :3)

Colors and Furs - Aside from the 'Lame Fabric' I've thought about doing for the Horns, I only know of colors I'd want to use for the rest of it. I need rainbow. Of any length, as long as it's fur. I also need black (I'd prefer medium length, but what I could afford), and light blue (affordable). I want blue/black to be the same lengthed fur so the stripes/bands around the tail don't look silly. x3

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! I have very little I won't be able to afford the highest quality supplies. I'd appreciate all the help I can get! I'll probably start on the mesh structure of the head this week, and keep everybody posted with pictures so if I make any mistakes you can all yell at me to fix 'em before it's too late. xD