December 27th, 2006

New mask build tutorial

Okay so every so often.. well okay ALLOT, I get the question "what does it take to build one of your masks?" well everyone you get to find out now as I undertake one of my most abitious builds of my short career in mask making, This is the story of the Stereo vision and sound super lion mask being built for my good friend Don. You get to see it all, the drama , the bloodshed the .... well nothing quite so spectacular but you get to see nearly every step I can record (or remember to) as this comes together. Not nearly done yet, But comming along nicely.

Now I am leaving to go meet people down in sunny Orlando FLA and meet people from Universal studios as well (crosses fingers). Ill be back after the first of the year to continue the odessy of the build.

See ya next year ( yes its lame but I had to say it)

Nox- animated rain

Glue gun strength

Hey all. I have a glue-gun question. Is there any difference, strength-wise, between Hi and Low temp hot-glue? I know Hi temp will give a longer working time, and low temp will give you less burns, but is there any difference in performance?

Thanks a lot,


(edit) As a note. I'm not buying a glue gun. I was given a cordless one by Cold Heat. It seems like a really nice glue gun. I don't use plastic mesh, and up until this gun have only ever used the hi temp super death gun (as I have fondly started calling the thing). So I am really just looking for hi vs low performance differences.

Huge thanks to those who have responded. It is much apreciated.
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