December 28th, 2006


Fake fur vs. Real Fur

Hey everyone,

I went to a local taxidermist for the jaw and nose for my grey fox head and he ended up giving me a bunch of fur for free.. real fur.. Bear fur to be exact.

I'm a bit torn between using it or not for this head. If it were rabbit fur, I wouldn't be so torn since rabbits are very common and not endangered on any level (to my knowledge). But bears on the other hand... :(

What do you think? How many of you would use real fur on your fursuits? And if so, what sorts would you limit them to?

Aside from some considering using real fur morally wrong (and I agree to a large extent), why would using real fur be bad vs. using fake fur, and vice versa?

I hope this topic isn't overly controversial. I would appreciate honest opinions. Pros and Cons preferably.

Thank you,

EDIT: Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your feedback. :D
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Faun Legs

So, on Christmas I had two little kids force me into watching The Chronicles of Narnia... and after obsessing over the Faun character, Mr. Tumnus, I decided I'd have a go at creating my own faun legs. So, all week I've been walking around on my toes with my legs bent and I think I've gotten my muscles used to walking like that because it doesn't hurt much anymore. Now, I have some ideas on how I will do this, but before I say anything, I want you to look at this little photobucket album I've compiled of pictures I screengrabbed myself from my DVD.

Now, what I'm going to do is get a pair of high-heel shoes (big high heels) from the thrift store. I'm going to add foam in the toe of the shoes for comfort and glue a wooden 'hoof' to each shoe sole. I'm going to get a pair of spandex pants and put foam padding on the top of the thighs (and maybe the back), knees, heels, and feet. They shouldn't be too hard to walk in, since I've gotten pretty used to walking like that. I need to find the longest brown fur I can. I'm guessing the longest I can get is 3". I'm hoping to find something realistic and kind of scraggly, like Tumnus's legs. Then I'll need a really long tan-ish fur for the stomach, I'm guessing F/X hair or horse hair. I'll attach it with latex since I have gallons of it. I'll also need F/X or horse hair for the arms, which will also be attached with latex. The horns will be sculpey with a thin clear wire through them to attatch to my head. The ears will probably be cast latex or leather.

Any tips on how I can go about making my design better or any places I can find realistic long scraggly fur would be very appreciated.

Securing Jaws to Mesh instead of foam

Got another question for everyone :)

How do you secure those plastic jaws to a mesh muzzle instead of foam? I know foam is ideal for this part of the head, but I couldn't find any and instead got really small holed plastic canvas to work with.

Muzzle isn't made yet. Any ideas would be REALLY appreciated.

And since it'll be a moving jaw, can anyone recommend the best way to do this using no foam what-so-ever?

Thanks a ton!
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to sell ?

Im thinking of selling my fursuit. Does anyone know how much something like this would go for?

its just a partial with room for a fan in the muzzle. I made it last year using a giant plushie.
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