December 29th, 2006


I am a little perplexed on the matter of attatching foam to the plastic mesh of my mask. How should I go about it??

Its just not looking good in my head.


BTW for those that have previously asked i'm in the process of making 2 heads. The first is a semi cartoony blue wolf known as "Crime Wolf" He is a character in my friends film and he endorses petit crime. The other is a realistic hyena.

First Fursuit

All right, I've decided to attempt to make a fursuit. I hope for it to be done by next Halloween, mostly because I don't know how long it'll take me. I've been trolling the memories for a few days, but many of the links/pictures don't work anymore, leaving me more confused than ever.

So, I need your help. I have very little clue if my plan will work, or if anyone has any better ideas, or if I should just turn around and go home. x3 I have very little money to work with- think $50, most of which will be eaten by the fabric, I'm sure. D:

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For those of you who can make clothing...

((I'm not quite sure if I can post this here...))

I don't know how much it would cost to get a coat made, but I'm willing to trade you a custom-made full fursuit($450 value) in exchange for three custom-made coats. The first coat is a navy blue and red cut-away coat with a stiff stand-up collar. It's double-breasted and has a cut up the back (Labeled 'Cut-away' in my album). The second coat is another cut-away coat with a stand-up collar. It's got a single button line going down the center of the coat, the edges of the middle of the coat is lined with red. It has a cut up the back,and the 'tails' are lined with red (Labeled 'undercoat' in my album). And then the last coat is a black overcoat with a normal arrow-collar. The collar overlaps itself (there's one picture in the gallery where it's noticable.) It has a removable tiny cape on the back and a little across the shoulders. It's double breasted with a cut up the back (Labeled 'Overcoat' in my album). All three coats have a few buttons lining the cut on the back. I do indeed have pictures of all three of these coats. Anthony Perkins's character Inspector Javert in the 70's version of Les Miserables wears all three of these coats. :)
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Hello, I'm new and delurking 'cause I need a few opinions...

I've decided to try my hand at fursuiting and eventually make my own suit. This is an experiment with some cheap supplies I picked up at a craft store (and the handpaw supplies came from the Dollar Store). I welcome any critique/imput...

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