December 30th, 2006

Beetle Autumn

red lion

I am making a Red XIII costume (almost finished, yay!)out of a fuzzy fleece fabric similar to this.

At my local fabric store, they have in a product that is the exact same except that the fuzzy bits are longer, more like this.

The colour matches perfectly (it's a hot orange/red) and I really want (when I'm finished with Red, unfortunately it doesn't match his character design) to revamp the bodysuit and use the longer stuff to make a lion's mane. Just a fun little thing to romp around in.

What I need help with is for you to find me a cosplay character that is a red lion, or anything similar that's red and/or orange with a mane. Unfortunately, the keywords 'red lion' don't get me anything on google, I need a character name or video game title or something. Anything orange or red with longer fur somewhere will work.

If there isn't such as thing.. well, I'll probably make the costume anyways :P But It'd be nice if I have a specific character to go on so I can win all the cosplay costume contests next year *laughs*
Cas by Goldie

Keeping a fursuit head ON your head...

Ok, I have a few questions about finishing up my fursuit head. As of now, I have the whole front of the head completed...furred and all...Now, what Im having issues with is how to attach the fur that covers the back of my head as well as all around my neck. I understand how to attach the fur to the rest of the head and all, but what I dont understand is how to make it so the "hood" actually keeps the mask ON my head. So, here are the options I can think of:

1. Use a band of elastic in the back to keep the mask on, and then just attach fur on the backside as a hood

2. Use a strip of plastic canvas to go around the back of my head, and then do the same as above (minus the elastic)

3. Or somehow make the fur "hood" in the back tight/form fitting enough to keep the mask on my head

Sooo...which of these options do you guys find the most effective, and what would be the best way of going about it? Also, if anyone thinks number 3 is most effective, how exactly would I go about doing it? And lastly, if there are any other ideas that I didnt list, or that could be modified from these, please let me know! I'd love any and all feedback!

Sorry if any of this is's a bit of a description of my mask so far:

Its made of plastic mesh/canvas and foam, but it is only the 'front' of the mask. As in, it only covers my face and leaves the back of my head completely free so that there's nothing supporting it on my head right now...I have to physically hold it in place. *shrugs* I hope that gives you a better image of what Im working with. Sorry for no is on the fritz D: