July 10th, 2007

Pixel Perfect

Disassembling a Wig?

Hello again! I've decided on a character/animal to try my first suit on: A female periwinkle and cream hairless Chinese crested toy dog named Chicory. I wanted something that could be considered an intermediate project, give myself some higher standards to aim for that are actually within my reach. xD I drew up a nice picture of the little lady however it could be considered not "work safe" since she's hairless (no fluff to hide unmentionables - Don't worry, she'll have super short fur when suiting; don't plan on running around in the buff covered in body paint. x3), so I'll just be using bits of the picture that I need for the question I have.

Since Chinese crested dogs have a mess of hair on their heads, fore paws and tail, and feet paws, I'm going to need several wigs to take apart and add to the shag fur I bought. Does anyone know of any tricks or tutorials on properly disassembling a wig without destroying the hair itself?

On that same note I found an Ebay store that carries an awesome selection of synthetic cosplay wings for an very good price with a flat rate shipping and handling cost that the community might be interested in.
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A suit update

i know i just posted about Dante naaaahhh

Mmmm much work has been done! All that needs to be fixed is the positioning on the right ((my right)) part of the smile and it's fur-time! THANK YOU ALL for all your help on this head! ((i promise to harass you with the bodysuit, too XD;))

Any last-minute critiques are welcome! I still don't have my swatchessss

Now, pictures!

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valdyr and beetlejuice

I Like Posting... (Head progress)

Well, now I need to wait til we get paid so I can get my jawset (I hope it works, I really do) and fur. Joy. But I figured I would post some WIP pictures of the head after macheing and having fun with duct tape. I don't know why I put duct tape on, there was nothing wrong with what was underneath... but oh well. I need to fix stuff related to the jaw, but I will do that when I get the jawset and adjust for the weight of that.

Comments/critiques/fixes loved <3

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New Ace FoxBunny Suit

I built this costume to debut at AC. This is Ace's first costume. I met him last year at AC. He really like Radjin and Ditto. Ditto was my Debut suit at that AC last year, so I wore him most of the time. I did bring a 2nd suit with me, it was Rakket. Since I had two costumes and Ace never suited before, but wanted too. I let him wear Rakket for most of the con. He instantly fell in love with suiting and wanted his own suit. Hence Ace Foxbunny was born. The art concepts of costume were drawn up by Dingoroo. And a year later he is now ready to step out in the public.
    This costume was fun to build, because of the different style of art. The head was very toony. I was happy with the results. Take a look for yourself.