August 12th, 2007


Bondo-Shell Hooves

kittycanuck wanted to see the hooves i made a couple of years ago, and i've been asked a few times in the past as well... so i figured i'd write a little bit here "for the record" in case anyone else is able and willing to endure my hoof show & tell.

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Anyway, if anyone found that interesting...

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I haven't posted much fursuity stuff in a while because frankly, I've been busy.

Here's a sneak peak at what I've been working on lately:

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hats 'n patience

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I wanted to ask a question about how you pace yourself when doing sewing projects such as these or suits or whatever you do. I used to be able to sit down and do this stuff for hours non-stop, but now I've found that I have to do these more complex hats in two sittings: one to cut all the pieces out, and another the following day to sew them together. I just don't have the patience/focus to do it all in one session like I used to. How long do you generally work at this stuff on a given day before you have to get up and do something else?

I'm also thinking about making fleece pajamas as kind of a middle-ground between hats and suits. They're really not that hot, especially if you use them as a replacement for blankets, or with a very thin sheet. I'll let you know how that goes.

Toony White Tiger

Hi everyfur. It's been on my list of to do's to post some pics of my recently finished suits forever, but I'm just gettin around to it today. I figured I'd post a few pics of a white tiger I did for my friend Ashe. After showing Ashe the photos I have two minor corrections to make, namely shrinking the eyes down and changing the nose color. Other than that I'm pretty happy with how he came out. Hope you all enjoy. As always constructive criticism welcome and appreciated.

Oh, and many thanks to my friend Stormy for modelling the suit for me in 90 degree weather. Stormy is much shorter than Ashe so apologies if the suit looks a bit baggy on him.

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Beetle Autumn

Red XIII Fursuit

Here are the final pictures of my Red XIII fullsuit. Eventually, I'd like to get a proper photoshoot done but, for now, this will have to suffice.

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He now has longer fur (thanks to furtech) on his tail, ankles and mane. Which give a much better effect, IMO. I also did a bit of painting to blend all the parts together a bit better.

I'm proud of him, though I'm not totally 100% happy. Eventually, I'll fix/change all of the niggling things that bother me and perhaps look into installing a cooling system.

One thing I *do* really like is the digitgrade. I will very likely be using the same basic shape in future costumes.

Realistic follow-me eyes?

(I hope I'm not spamming the comm.. tell me to shut up if I am!)

I want my eyes to look realistic and believing. They're slit-pupiled eyes, so I'm going to be looking through a mesh (probably black chiffon?) on the tear ducts. I want to be able to paint the irises myself, like this: (Mine, please dun use it.)

I've been looking through the memorable entries for ideas/help and BAM - I learn about the magic of follow-me-eyes.

These two entries intrigued me the most..
.. and I want to try something like that!

So you just.. get the half-domes, paint the bottoms, and recess them half an inch into the head and that's all? Has anyone used these for follow-me eyes before? Have any pictures of the final product? Any problems that popped up? Or do you have any other ideas for a realistic, customizable follow-me-eye?

Thanks! :3
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human, Android

I need help making a head.

I am trying to make a fursuit of the main character of my comic strip and I need help making the head. I was planning on doing it using canvas but I am unsure how to proceed. Here's a picture of the character.

Of course, it would be in color and his eyes would be opened. I guess for more examples you could go to my site The character's name is Keith.

Thanks for your help!


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