August 23rd, 2007


Foam question?!?!?

Thanks to the collection of how to’s that’s here found some great information and found the way I think I would be most comfortable working with, toaster head technique as I built puppets back in my high school days using many of the same techniques involved.  Here’s the thing the foam I have found is 3” X 48” 72”, what I am wondering is, will I have enough material for 1 head, the info I have found doesn’t describe total amount of foam used, and is 3” to thick to manage, the muzzle and etc I am not worried about ill just cut and form that, it’s the part closest to my head that I feel concerned about, mostly heat as I see that is a major grievance, something tells me ill have to work in a fan of some kind.

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How to make Latex Paw Pads w/Pictures!

Yup, I've been looking around for awhile on how to make some latex paw-pads and I've learned alot, but theres one thing..None of them had any photos of the paw-pads in progress! So, I made this tutorial on how I made these my latex paw-pads ^^ I've toke bits and pieces of information from the memories, including Just wanted to thank them :3

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Maned Wolves?

I hope I'm not being troublesome, but does anyfur here fursuit as a Maned Wolf or know someone who fursuits as a Maned Wolf? I'm starting my first fursuit and it took me a whiiiile to decide its species, but I finally decided that a Maned Wolf is what I would like to make. Just wanted to know if there are any friends out there :3

Thanks alot, guys.

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Doggie Tail/Husky Tail?

What would be the best style tail for a plain old "doggie" suit?(that kids/teens/possibly adults would buy for halloween costumes) I'd be making a lot of them so it would need to be an easy to do pattern and not use up a ton of fur for each one. I was thinking just a straight, almost cat-like tail(like a dalmation tail) but the pattern I made turned out looking a lot like the cat tail pattern I made, and I want them to be distinguishable. I will be making ears too, so if I make floppy puppy ears telling the sets apart may not be a problem, but I want to know what you think would sell best?

Also, I'm wondering how people make those two-toned realistic husky tails. It looks kind of hard to get the pieces right. If anyone knows of a tutorial that would be great! Thanks!

EDIT: Check it out, my first earband/tail set!

EDIT2: Alright, it's up on ebay now if you're interested in it!