January 5th, 2008


Some questionsss.

My boything and I are working on our partials (well, he's doing a partial I'm doing a full) to take to Anthrocon. I figure we have enough time to get them done in the next few months. ;D

Anyway, I did a practice partial a lil while back to prepare me for this one. We're looking for a few things though.

1. I need good greyish brown (agouti-ish) fur for my wombat suit. Nothing ridiculously expensive please. The cheaper the better but I want it to look alright. Ideally the pile would be a couple inches.

2. I need advice for wombat footpaws. Wombat feet in general are very different from most animals. The handpaws are simple because they're very human hand like, but the footpaws are also very human-hand like. So I guess I kinda want the toes to look more like fingers. Does anyone have any examples of fursuits I can look at that have paws like this maybe? Or ideas? I'm scared of them being fragile and breaking. They'll also have claws so that's a concern, too.

3. Also, I used vinyl for my practice handpaws. It's not very pliable. It's hard to move my hands in. And I'm using it for the entire bottom of the paws this time so I was hoping for a flesh like material that I could use that I'll actually be able to move my hands in, haha.

4. Oh, and this is sorta a silly question I guess, but my boyfriend and I'll be suiting together, and he's a bear, and I'm a wombat, and we're similar looking creatures. But him and I are seriously, bodywise, pretty much exactly the same height and really really close in body type, especially in fursuit, but I was wondering if there was a good way to imply that even though we're technically the same SIZE he's a bigger animal than me. O_o. If that makes any sense. I think it'd just be cuter that way but if there's no way to pull it off that's cool, too.

Thanks you guys. :D
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Cas by Goldie

Removable digitigrade padding question

I have a question that I feel should have an obvious answer...but I just can't see it :/

I am making digitigrade legs on my suit using the "glue the foam onto an undersuit" type method so as to be able to have the foam separate/removable (not attached to the actual suit), and make washing the bodysuit easier. I've glued my foam onto a pair of spandex pants and have all the shaping done already. I'm now at the point where I've got the digitigrade pants on my duct tape dummy, and have a cloth mock-up bodysuit to start taking in to be form fitting in order to make a pattern with. Well my question is, how will the foamed pants be removable? The large hock sticking out the back of my calf is much bigger than the area right where my knee is...soo I would imagine taking the pants back out of the bodysuit would require a lot of squishing of foam to fit back through skinnier areas. I hope that made sense. Not to mention it was difficult to even get the horribly baggy mock-up suit over the legs...I can't imagine trying to wrestle a trimmed and fitted suit over those padded legs. So am I missing some big point, or is trying to have a fitted digitigrade suit mean I can't have a removable padded undersuit?

For an example of what I'm doing...I've made undersuit legs pretty much like these that LV made...but with more foam in some places including some around the ankles (fits with the hooves I've made). http://latinvixen02.livejournal.com/103006.html
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Hidan :P

Neo Pup

im working on another head. its foamed and im adding fur right now it hasnt been trimed yet though.
i call this character Neo Pup. What color should i do the eyes? i was thinking blue or green but im not sure?

EDIT:i changed the name
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Mask Question

Im am making a mask of my fursona. ive made the frame by sowing plastic mesh together and ive added foam for the shape.  i want to make sure that when i add the fur it will lay flat and be the shape i want it to be.
so my question is,  if i were to cover it first with a cheap fabric to see how it would all lay down b4 i added the real fur would that cause any problems? i want to make sure i dont ruin it bc i have spent so much time on it.

this is my very first mask and my only other fursuit thing i have done is make paws. when i get pics i will post them.

Thanks in advance :)

p.s. i have no idea how this place works. so if someone would kinda be a friend a help me figure things out id appreciate it alot. thanks guys!