January 9th, 2008

Digigrade follow up

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So after that journal entry I winged with with some thoughts in mind. It was a frustrating process that cost me, luckily, only one sewing machine needle. The legs I made were sixteen pieces in the end, three different colors/furs. There's a pair of light pants with foam underneath them to help keep shape.

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New fursuit updates!

Well, I started on an as yet un-named fursuit for FWA, hopefully it'll be good, it's my first full suit, my Trista/Tiba partial was well received and once I get to rebuilding that, I'll post up pics..but for now here's my current project! Collapse )
and although i look to be leaning back in the last pic, i'm not, it's just the shape of the legs and how i'm holding my shoulders... but anyway, C&C are welcome! so lemme hear it! :)
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a little more progress...and a tail question!

so, a little closer to being done! now all it lacks is eyes and a few little finishing bits (neck coverage and back closure of some sort). Still looking decent ? I also wanted to ask an opinion on the tail I am going to start tomorrow for this suit. It is a rather large tail and I wanted to make it stand out a bit from the body, but I am worried it would be obtrusive. So, the question is, do you think it would be better standing out a little (we're not talking a skunk tail or anything) or just floppy and dragging the ground a little?   (Here's some sorta' concept art to give you an idea of what I'm trying to make- http://www.furaffinity.net/full/975743/   -but NOT standing straight out like that!-it's just ref for the general size/shape- ...just in a sort of natural way-at about a 45 degree angle)  from my legs at the tail's tip) . I know how to make it (either way I go) I just want some opinions :)    (All images under the cut so as not to slow your friends' page scrolling ;)

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"Voicing" in a fursuit

Ever wanted to add sound effects to the actions your fursuit makes as you perform and interact with people, but you don't like the idea of actually using your voice?

There's an option that some of you puppeteers might already know about... something you can add to your suit that weighs just a few grams: a swazzle!

This is what they used to voice the puppets in the old Punch & Judy show.

A swazzle is a tiny device that sticks to the roof of your mouth. The ones I picked up are soft felt with a tiny plastic membrane on one side. As you force air through your mouth with your tongue up, it makes cute squeaky sounds that can add an interesting dimension of sound effect backing to your performances. I've found the sound carries well through some kinds of suits.

There's a place in Australia that sells them for about $3 each. You'll want to get a few of them because-- especially when you're just learning-- they don't last very long (the membrane gets deformed from being mashed around in your mouth).

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I'm currently working on a bulldog, and I really need some help finding images of bulldog fursuits.
So far the only ones I can find are the rather silly looking cheap mascot ones you see on costume websites.
I've hit up all my favorite builders websites and they don't have anything even close.
I was hoping to find in process photos and finished photos.
So any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hey all! Long time no post. I'm looking for some fur or help finding a different one.

I was wondering if anybody knows where I can find some gray monterey mills fox fur? Like what they have on their website, but gray. Or, if it doesn't exist, does anyone know of any fur that has a similar texture/pile that wouldn't look out of place next to it? I need it for a tail and ear set for a commissioner.

I can't really look around here, because the closest fabric store I have is JoAnn's and I work there, so I know we don't have anything suitable. I'm willing to buy from a website, or from someone personally. I'll only need maybe three quarters of a yard to a yard.

If you have some or know where to find some, let me know! :D

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Startings of my first partial....

I'm going to be starting on my very first partial suit (A Tigress for myself) and I have a timeframe--get it done before AC.

My problem is finding foam to use that is carvable and soft and not *REALLY* expensive. Any thoughts for someone on a budget?

Also, I'm curious on how to best attach the foam to a balaclava. I know it's a newb question, but I want to get it right and have it look good. I know that for moving jaws the elastic is snugged to the chin and all...but it's the foam that I'm worried about. Sorry for the dumb  question, but it would be a huge help to know what the best method of attachment is. Thanks guys!
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