January 16th, 2008

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Question about sewing.

Inspired by the hand held handy stitch like machines a post or two down.

I have a Handy Stitch thing someone gave me, but I can't get it to work either (the locking thing at the end of the fabric is more obnoxious than homemade sin). I NEVER use it to sew, it feels too dangerous in my hands. As a PBT, I have had a (thank heavens a sterile) hypodermic needle literally skewer my finger once already!

No Handy Stitch for me. But what if you HAVE no "big" or "fullsize" machine? I have been hand stitching, mostly to alter this fox toy into another species. As well as your run-of-the-mill pant repairs.


Is hand stitching just a longer route, but a feasible option for those not blessed with access to sewing machine? Not just the plush here, but fur in general. This is more my practice project before I try making anything big or more involved like a fursuit.

I know some people hot glue seams (and MythBuster Karrie made the flags for the red to a bull myth vis staples, calling it "The Way Lazy People Sew!"), but I want something that'll look good in the end and won't unravel, not be fast NOW.
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pocket sewing machines

hey has anyone used those little pocket sewing machines to make your suits? im wondering ifit could handle the job.
I have a family member that might help me with it but is a little worried their sewing machine might have trouble with it. has anyone actually had a machine break or anything sewing the fur?

Glue/Adhesives advice

I've seen alot of posts on this community about adhesives.  Mostly, alot of "how do I glue this to that" or "what's an alternative to hot glue".

Well, I saw this site about adhesives (you select what you want to glue to what, and it gives you several suggestions) and while it's not comprehensive, I thought it was alot of fun, informative, and I just had to share it:



Hello, again!

This time a question about ears. Right now I'm working on a small project; a partial which will consist of ears, some paws and a tail. Mainly so I can wear something furry in public, but something that won't completely eradicate my hand and eye coordination. I have very little naturally as it is. ;)

Anyway, right now I'm getting ready to make some ears, and there is something that's been on my mind. I know people 'usually' mount their ears on headbands or something of that sort, but I was wondering if there are other alternatives?

My friend wears long bunny ears, and they've been sewn to a hat. I'm considering going that route, because I'm not the biggest fan of headbands, (they pinch by my own ears!) but I'm not really sure what options I have.

Aside from headbands, does anyone have any other suggestions?

Oh, and I'm planning on making them fairly large and floppy. I'm not sure if that makes much difference, but I figured it was something worth adding.
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First head!

Finally got around to furring my head, and boy, did it come out a bit unexpected like, haha. XD

Next time I'll remember to do the proportioning smaller because dang. XD

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Blood Raven - Suit!

Padded Hand-paw Tutorial.

Someone asked about how-to's on hand paws. This method is a bit time consuming compared to most, but I really like the look and feel of padded hands and felt it worthwhile to pass along my method to anyone who's interested with a tutorial, since I've been taking massive amounts of photos of the construction of my latest suit and have 'em on hand to write one up. :)

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