February 28th, 2008

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O hay thar! I've been a lurker on this community for a while and now I have a rather ambitous project to create.

The Inspiration:
Okay guys. I'm a anime fan and I love Princess Mononoke. This year for Anime Central (in Illinios) I want to be up on that stage for the masquerade with a cool costume...I was originally going to be Pan and not be in the contest but then I got to thinkinh (which is dangerous for me) what would be a really neat costume to make? Of course I thought heck, I'll make a Shishigami/Forest Spirit costume.

Now comes the hard part...making it.
Heres a anthro version by someone else: http://kuchikixrukia.deviantart.com/art/Shishigami-The-Forest-Spirit-59013967

Heres a diffrent (not Shishigami costume but bare-bones under-stucture concept that I like by Wolfsjal (No being used but I like the crutches):

This is sort of what I want to do for the front legs: http://users.stlcc.edu/nfuller/powwow/deer.gif

The Concept:

Here's the plan:
I'm going to seach the local Marklund resale shop for a pair of forearm crutches. These will be the front legs (w/ foam modifications). My back legs will be the Spirits back legs (w/ some foam modifications). For the head, I don't want my face to be the creatures' face so the head will a seperate stucture (made out of plastic canvas and a liberal use of foam) that I can just fit over my own head (with some something or someone to help me see of course).

Btw: I'm scared of putting eletrical things within this suit but there will be a several air-flaps/vents within the head to help me breathe. My only problem would be attaching it to me. I would like the head to be a seperate struture but I'm not such how I want it attached. Someone suggested Velcro to me and I think it'll work.

Questions: I found a pattern, Simplicity #3690 (?) that I can modify so....um is this project too ambitous for me and any suggestions for the construction?
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New fursuiter here

Hey guys

Wel'p this is me, the newest of the new guys, until something new comes along, then I won't be as new; so I guess I'll just be new and improved or something :P

Anypoop, just thought I'd say howdy, that I'm from Canada and I'm new to the whole thing. My first "fursuit" attempt was at AC 2007. I didn't know how to make a head and didn't have the time just yet, so I improvised. Heh on top of that, my suit was supposed to be a doberman but again, since I'm new to it, I didn't realize until later that you can't put lighter colours onto darker colours, so I wasn't able to get black _and_ tanned paws.

As for the rest of it, I did sew the non fur parts together (vest, leg stuff, pouches and shin guards)


I guess one quick question I have is this. I found some fur that I like the texture of that I think is perfect for doberman fur (I don't want to be a fluffy doberman), but the problem is that it's not black. It's made of 100% polyester, so I was wondering: Can polyester be either bleached or airbrushed on to?

And that be it for me for now :)
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Sculpey Pawpad Mold Tutorial

I've been experimenting with different ways of making latex parts for a fursuit... I have some paws to finish as a commission and I wanted to make some latex pawpads, but I had left my plaster of paris at home, along with my already made plaster pawpad molds. But I have a big box of Super Sculpey firm, so I tried making a mold with that, and what do you know, it worked!

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Hope this has proven helpful. :)
I rather like this method more than the plaster... plaster is such a mess and it degrades with every single casting. The sculpey looks like it's going to hold up a lot better over time.

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Hello again! Unfortunately, I don't have any progress pics for you today, just fishing for opinions.

Which do you prefer/works better? Making the neck of the head longer to tuck into the bodysuit, or making the neck of the bodysuit longer to tuck into the head?