December 6th, 2008


Zippers + Seal Fur = Fail?

Quick question.

Planning to make a suit out of seal fur (or fur about that length). I'm toying with the idea of putting the zipper along the border of the underbelly instead of in the center back this time, since it'll be a leopard suit and the back is going to be a focal point with all the spots on it.

How well do zippers hide in fur that short? I'm okay with it being a little visible, but if it's going to be blatantly obvious, I may change my plans.

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On my fursuits, I prefer it when they have moving mouths that -

Close fully (so the lips meet and there is no gap)
Hang open slightly (slight gap between teeth/tongue)
Either is good
other (explain)

On my fursuits I prefer -

to have greater visibility at the expense of possibly making my own eyes visible at some angles
to have less visibility if it always keeps my own eyes hidden from outside viewers
I can adapt to either
Other (explain)

Video for balaclava method

Im using the balaclava method with elastic for the moving jaw. I was wondering if there are any vidoes of people putting them together like actually making the base.  Ive seen still pic tutorials but it doesnt seem to help me much. Any help would be mucho appreicated.

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Husky Design Help!

I'm calling her Sage for now but I'm still up for hearing names.
So I have this nice green fur laying around and it was either going toward a dragon partial or a husky since I only have about a yard and a half. I liked my husky design more.
Here she is so far.
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The green is more greyish or my computer screen is making it brighter than it really is.
Since I'm limited on green I'm trying to have a design that is huskyish looking but has more white and/or black in it. The green fur is shorter than the white and black too.
Here's the furs I'll use, the sage green I got from Jo-Anns a while back and black and white Distinctive Fabric long pile fur.

Edit - What if she was a dragon husky....thing? I had forgotten about the tons of canines that are already running around. Yes I'm very forgetful.
Hummm, yes a dragon may be better.
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Nose Help?

Hey there,
I'm finishing up my third head and would like some opinions. This is the head so far, with a little placeholder for the nose -
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I've not been very happy with the noses on my previous heads and want to make something rounder and seamless. I've browsed the memories, and the felt-covering method isn't really appealing to me, and I don't have the means for rubber-dipping at the moment (though I do think it looks the best).

Seeing the head in its current form, what would you suggest for the nose? The commissioner is happy with the rest of the head so far, so I'd prefer to hear opinions and feedback unrelated to the nose in private, perferably via LJ message.