March 25th, 2010

beastcub beast fursuit

stretching polyester?

i got some gloves ment for a transformers costume to go with my robot unicorn head. i got the kid size assuming they'd fit me better and they do for the most part (i have tiny hands and the design would look bad all wrinkly) the base of the fingers are a bit tight  (and yet the fingers are almost an inch too long on me...i have little stubby hands...)

i wonder if soaking them in hot or warm water and then wearing them would help stretch them out?

Sphinx partial?

I had the most awesome idea after seeing this gryphon costume:

A Sphinx costume with lion ears, Egyptian style clothing and jewlrey, tail, little wings and lion legs. You could maybe have handpaws too with some kind of jewelry or decoration between fur and skin. Kinda like a faun but Egyptian style!

Has anything like this been done before?

I think it'd be great at halloween or fancy dress parties because it's awesome looking but practical.

I might draw something up later when I'm not so busy ><
Peeeeeeeek (Animated)

Another How-to! Sculpting claws.

Here is another tutorial demonstrating a technique many of you experienced folks likely already know, but geared towards beginners to fursuit making: a small how-to on how I sculpt claws.

This video demonstrates the technique I use for sculpting them using a polymer clay, specifically Fimo, but Sculpy and other clays work excellent with this technique, too.

Polymer clay is very easy to bake: Just follow package directions for your Fimo, Sculpy or other polymer clay. I usually bake ones this size for 15 minutes.

To attach, once baked & cooled, use E6000 or Hot glue!
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Mightyena Head WIP

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm working on my very first fursuit, and thus, fursuit head.

I'm looking for some suggestions/comments on my mightyena head... Look at my avatar if you don't know what a mightyena is; is a pokemon.I'm making the costume for a convention at the end of May.

Also; just to note: I'm stylizing the head a little bit to get rid of a little bit of the 'roundness' of the muzzle.... to make it look a little more canine.

*crosses fingers* I hope this youtube embedding thingie works...


Of course, it didn't.... here's the link.


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