June 21st, 2010

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Stretch Fur (A Tutorial)

Most questions here about removing excess wrinkles in the fur, or making a form fitting fursuit end in a discussion about NFTech's expensive products, spandex, or how to compromise between flexibility and appearance.  I am proposing another option.

The following method of adding stretch to standard fur won't drain the budget and can give good results, but it can also add a lot of time to the project.

WARNING: If you abhor the idea of hand sewing your suit, you should exit this tutorial now, this is many times more time consuming and much more tedious.

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Finished a wolf suit tonight

Some more pix: of the head and of the whole thing

It was interesting to build something that wasn't explicitly meant to be 'scary', this is meant to be more along the line sof something realistic, although the fact that the character had bright red eyes didn't help much :X One of these days I'll make something that isn't a canine of some kind >.>'

Anyways, I was really lucky to get my hands on what must be one of the nicest tipped furs I've ever seen.. dark gray down, with a medium gray underpile, medium gray top-pile and black guardhairs. Super super soft, got it from imstuffedfur.com and was totally amazing to work with. 2 way stretch, none of the usual "superdark" seams you get with tipped fur(Where the tips collapse in on the seam and the dark colour is all you can

Hand Paws?

Sorry if this has been answered before somewhere (probably has), but I couldn't really find anything when searching the memories. >.<
I'm going to attempt my first hand paws soon, but I'm not really sure what to do. (They would be 5 fingered). I know your supposed to spread your fingers as far as they can go and to trace around that, with extra for seams. Other than that, I'm a bit lost...
Any tips or even patterns out there?

Also, I would most likely put claws/pawpads on later(when I have the money to them), is it possible to put them on OK after the hand paws are already made?


Kangaroo Legs?

I'm making a kangaroo and I'm kind of confused on how to do the legs on it. They have the big haunch things in the front but have plantigrade feet. I've done digitrade padding before but I don't know how it shoudl look on kangaroos. Can I have a reference of how it should look and how to do it?

Huskers all finished! (At last!)

I have not posted anything here in what 2 years maybe 3? Anyway I got back into the game a while ago only to have the person drop the commission but it was picked up again by someone else and here he is!

Mitchell the huskers

Hes all boxed up and ready to ship later today so I cannot change anything, but pointers for the next K-9 would be awesome.
The scruff looks a bit odd becuase I not only made it kinda long but I put him on a fan to take pictures ^_^ Made of mesh and foam, buckrum eyes.
What ya'll think?

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Second attempt at a head

Wow, it's been forever since I posted anything here. :S

Anyway, I've been futzing around with a head a friend wanted me to do (she's paying me, huzzah!), and just basically experimenting with various materials. This is what I came up with:

Mouth shot:

Entire head:

It's my first real try with a foam head. I still need to do a bit of detail work, but I'm waiting to hear back from my friend first. :\

I'm also working on an orca head right now. Wheee, busy busy busy...!
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American Curl kitty

Hiya, my second time posting here. I just wanted to get some comments and critiques (or perhaps redlines if you think it needs it) on my foamed American Curl kitty head before I move onwards to the furring process. She will be pure white! Any help at all is appreciated.

Concept: http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z168/magicaltale/americancurl.png


Please ignore the makeshift nose just stuck on there. xD And I need a little help with the eyeshadow color, I know. It's on a black foamies, and I'm still trying to get that lightly shaded purple/pink color.

Sorry, I'm still kind of a newb at this. Uhm. I know there's a few things that look a little off, but please tell me if there's something that's just WRONG. I still have to do a bit of trimming here and there, but for the most part she is done. Her ears are also bendable, so she can be either an American Curl or a Turkish Angora or something. hehe.

ALSO. Names? :3

Fleece or Fur?

My upcoming project is a bongo, which is a type of African antelope. I've been struggling to find the perfect rusty-orange-maroon shortpile fur that I need when, looking at the pictures of the animal, it struck me that I might find fleece worked just as well and was more accurate in appearance. Here's an example of how a bongo looks, for those not familiar:


If I were to use fleece and airbrush the markings on, would it look just as good as or even better than using shortpile fur? It will be a realistic style head. Alternately, would using a base of entirely maroon fleece work with black and white markings airbrushed on, or would I need to sew in the bulk of the marking and just use the airbrush for the gradation? What I'm really worried about with fleece is how seams tend to show.

This is primarily for the head that I'm wondering this - it's a partial with only head, tail, and arms.

Thoughts? Warnings? Advice?
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Airbrush question

Ok this is kind of a stupid question, but is there a difference in the type of airbrushing paint used by tshirt airbrushers, and fursuit airbrushing? I would imagine they're the same but I want to be certain from someones expirience. I want to get a body airbrushed by a local airbrush artist, but I'm not sure if there is some slight differnce I should know about. Thanks!